Brewfest is Back On in Burning Crusade Classic

This will make it so that I can make it in time.

However, if I hadn’t noticed the VERY late response during yesterday evening, and had first noted the change the 5th, then I would not have been able to make it…
Though you get some credit for doing something, this is still not enough.
The event was advertised to last until the 6th and the first two days were bugged… Most people wont be able to make with only a single day of Brewfest.

I get that it was “inteted” to last for the same period as the original Brewfest back in TBC, but this was not announced anywhere, whilst you announced another date for Retail. You can’t expect everyone to understand that there is a hidden end date for one game and not the other.

Also the game masters in game has been real bad to responding to everyone placing tickets. They seem smug and/or like they don’t care, from the few ticket responses I’ve seen.

Overall this is not good enough.


Yeah perfect, can’t log on servers so thanks for the extra time.

Address the EU maintenance during prime time raiding too. It’s most inconvenience time for majority of raiding guilds and feels like once again you don’t just care. Give us an reply and address the issue. You need to do better.

Overall, we couldn’t do barking quests for 2 days and you removed all yesterday so most of the poeple couldn’t complete dailies today morning because the message about extension was really late, and also couldn’t complete Ram and Apple yesterday.

Thanks for failing on yet another thing, this one was easy though. Just more communication and information.


As a result, broken first days for the horde and another lost day yesterday, please, give one more day, before the end of the 6th! Like most players for the horde, we trying to do events from the moment we found out that getting 600 coins is possible. We really need this on October 6th…


The sad part is, even if they did add a few days, for most it won’t matter because with an official end time actually announced this time, they found out they have no chance on mount and used the tokens for other things. By the way, thanks for that, “it was intended to last two days less than the only end time officially announced anywhere” is a response that makes perfect sense in sociopath land. Especially when you added a new reward that’s so expensive that even with the originally expected end time, some people wouldn’t be able to get it even if they use every opportunity to get tokens, because of how buggy and unreliable the apple buckets are. If you had any decency at all, you’d add another week and reset everyone’s tokens to what they were before you reenabled the event. It’s a dick move to just make players gratuitously suffer like this because you know most of them have too many friends in the game to unsubscribe.


I really loved the Brewfest back in 2007. When I looked at old screenshots (I have loads). I saw that my main character had both the Ram, the dress, the hat and so on… and I could not understand how I was able to buy all this stuff…

Then I saw that keg run, who now rewards 2 coins for each keg (If I run perfect, I can make 20 for one run) payed 3 tickets(coins). So for every run back in the days you earned 50% more than today.

I also saw that the barking quest rewarded 40 tickets(coins) every time and not 15 as of now. All this is also confirmed by reading old comments on wowhead.

I think it has to do with the stamp quest that cost 600 coins. That was removed in 2008 and thus, the most expensive thing in 2008 was 200 coins. So I think Blizzard back in the days reduced the coin rewards because of this.

This year. When they implemented Brewfest. They used their 2008 template. This had lesser coins and no stamp quest. Due to feedback from us, the players, they added the stamp quest but they did not ajdust the coins to 2007 levels. Meaning its really difficult to earn enough for the ram.

I managed to get the ram this year on my main. I did so by running the ram race twice every day (if in rested area without loging in for 8 hours you could do that). But unlike 2007 I only purchased the ram. After 2007 brewfest my main had a full set of brewfest clothing + everything else that could be bought. I had more than 1000 tickets that year (in 2008 tickets was replaced with coins).

All in all. Blizzard needs to do a little more research in their own past before they implement those old things. If not, it becomes a mess. And Brewest 2021 was a mess.


THANKS!!! I hereby do not cancel my subsription.

Can you make it by throwing barrels twice? then go to rested area and log out Stay logged out … then Q resets in 8 hours.

Yes, You’re totally rigt on this I remember it too … but there’s more:

  • There and back again gave 5 tickest pr. barrel. (= 15, now down to 10)
  • The Iron invasion gave - I think - 2 tickets pr. Iron Dwarf you got with a mug if they were driven away (now 10 for the Q). Which was an incentitive to go and throw some mugs at the gate crashers.
  • Wolpertinger and Pink Elekk Quests were there and gave tickets as well.
  • I suppose “Now this is Ram Racing, almost” also gave more than 10 tickets.

In short, yes it was possible to get it all - I did not, I only had the ram, because I did not want more, not for lack of time or opportunity :slight_smile:

Anyone else starting to strongly suspect that they gave the job of maintaining Classic to their lowest-paid, most overworked intern?


I don’t get it…
If Blizzard saw the outcry and wanted to help, why add 1 day…? Many people will not even see it in time to act. Why not just let it end on 6th as everyone was confused to believe?
Why not even add extra days to compensate for the negative feelings? Whom would that hurt?

If it would end at 6th, despite the lost day and the initial bugs at least I would understand the sake of consistency. But now, it just does not make sense…

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Can we have this addressed, please? Extending the event by merely 1 day, giving last minute notice did not resolve the overall issue of people not being able to properly plan their gameplay for the past two weeks of the brewfest festival. Initial bugs and mysteriously removing it from the game left many players spending their coins on something they did not really want or left players with 500+ coins they are now unhappy with, as what they wanted was the ram mount.

Yes, mysteriously removing as you refer players on your official websites to wowhead as the official source of information - wowhead was guiding players that brewfest will end on 06/10/2021, not 05/10/2021 23:59. Your bluepost for World of Warcraft mentioned 6th of October as well. I do understand your bluepost was addressing WoW Retail, but for Christ’s sake is that really an argument here?

This is a miscommunication over a simple event, where giving players additional 2 days would not change anything in the gameplay. This should be a compensation for the bugs and unexpected removal of the event so people who have religiously devoted themselves to do the dailies have now a chance to complete 600 coins or buy something more than just a mount. Yes, some people care about the toys as well.


yeh man i totaly agree i have now 569 tokens i can do soem keg delivery but 16 time is not posible and only if cd is 12 hours… now i dunno if i shoudl spend token for anything else or wait and risk

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580 coins :fearful:

I’m at 570, and already been logged off for 8 hours (not straight though) and the Ram Master is not giving me another ride. This wouldn’t change a thing anyway, because the event is ending in 6 hours ish so I’m not getting another reset.

At least it’s coming back next year! But I think I’m not.

No, I’m pretty sure they didn’t give it to anyone and are still hoping it will sort itself out since it’s an old version no one (at blizzard) wants, right?

Stop ignoring your players once again blizzard, explain why there’s an maintenance tomorrow during prime time raiding.

Everyone thought that the brew festival would end on October 6th. Changing this now makes absolutely no sense. I really don’t know what makes you happy about it. but it seems that you really have no interest in the whole fan community. Nobody would mind if the festival ends on October 6th. but it will bother a lot of people if you turn it off earlier. Especially the horde, which also had to struggle with bugs. im done with everything i could do. 595 coins. a lot of time and effort for nothing. THX!

wooop wooop lets go!