Brewfest is Back On in Burning Crusade Classic

We initially set up Brewfest 2021 in Burning Crusade Classic to run for the same duration as it ran in 2007 in original Burning Crusade, but we’ve decided to bring it back for another day.

Brewfest is again up and running on all realms, and will end at 23:59 server time tomorrow, 5 October.


HALLELUJAH praise be to the gods of warcraft

Thank you Blizzard for actually listening this time jesus christ

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I dont suppose Classic wow to be mature but true version of wow? at least you listened to us mature and classic wow adults not those childish puritan retailers.

Thank you Blizzard!

Thank you. While you are here, could you please enlighten us on why the maintenance on Blizzard services at 22.00 CEST on wednesday is so important that it has to be during prime raiding time?

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Thank you for listening Blizzard. :slight_smile:

Sorry, but you took 2 days from us (hordies) at the beginning, and now one ram-race reset today, to prolong it by JUST one day… Most hordies still wont get the 600 marks… Moreover, it was misleading that it should last until the morning of the 6th in retail, so ppl calculated it instead of doing ram race every 8 hours… Maybe just another day? Please!



5th of October is not the 6th…still missing one extra day of getting tokens. Might be a tight call but I had it calcutated to end on the 6th as promised on the your website… Thank for wasting my time once again.


A lot of people will probably miss out on the 4th as well considering how late it was here in Europe before blizzard made it return. Also, getting enough people to defeat the invasion is pretty hard at this time.


its good but thx to bugs erly on even if i tryhard i be 40 token form ram now i dunno if i be happy or piss off

I’m horrified by the increase of blue posts in recent weeks.

The end is nigh.

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First if all, Thank you for doing something. Let’s encourage good behaviour and thank you for putting in the effort.

HOWEVER. and this is a big However. The first 2 days of brewfest for the horde were bugged and we could not play any of the dailies. We also have a significant disadvantage when it comes to the keg delivery AND you took away a full day today whilst also advertsing brewfest was until the 6th.

One + does not correct the ----

Can you please just extend it to the 6th or even the 7th to give EVERYONE proper chance to finish everything. You know… in order to promote equility and honesty to all?


Are you kidding me?

  1. Quests were buggy at the beginning
  2. The mount was not ingame at the beginning so some people didn’t start early with farming coins
  3. You disabled the event for the whole day - most people won’t notice it’s back before tomorrow!
  4. Many people need every 18hour riding cd to get enough coins. The CD is now screwed cause of the missing day!

Is it that hard to add two more days? Please…


Is it normal that the Brew of the Month vendor has the token vendor items but not the brew of the month itself? Whilst the event is active, that is. Since the open shop text reads “I’d like to buy this month’s brew”

I support 100%
A lot of people missed this day because the event was turned off. And in the initial announcement it was said that the event will last until the 6th

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More days, Horde missed 4 days of one quest and one day. And now it’s still ending a day early.

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Why do people want this boring 60% speed ram anyways

ahah its 2 ram60 and 100…
and i care very. i pesrsonaly colect mounts and i am one of the few ppl on world who have both zg mounts so yeh

Thank you, you’ve heard us. You did at least something and I appreciate it. Now I have a chance and it’s all on me.