Bring back combat


I have been away for sometime and on my return i find that blizzard have split the rogues into, more identifiable specs.
However…i love my rogue and i now have a half cowboy semi tank noisy gun slinger… not only does the gun defeat the idea of stealth but also destroys its heritage.
My game play is based on the fantasy i am the rogue and i can ninja my way through the lvls. attack from the shadows, poison my foe and vanish. as i wear leather armour its not ideal to be in battle face to face to much…

My point is, as a rogue i need knives and poison. combat spec for me was the mix of all 3 specs and fit perfect into how i wanted to play…please

give me back my combat rogue
fan of knives

please blizzard let the players have more choice with toons and let them make the character more uniqueness. thanks for letting voice my opinion.

(Anwéen) #2

If poison and knife is what you want, assassination is there waiting for you.

Leave my Outlaw alone


It is pirate themed, not cowboy themed.


Its turned into pirate theme because monk are identified with combat theme.


I really like old combat spec. But new outlaw even with rng is still nice. I have just one problem to this spec… Why we use two one handed swords? We should use sword and pistol and also wear it…


Really like the spec. And imo it fits the fantasy of swashbuckler, sneaky pirate, which least depands on stealth and more on toe to toe as Combat did before.

I had a blast leveling this rogue in Kul Tiras. Felt like my character blend in all this pirate fantasy.


I really like outlaw. Tho the ranged rogue still makes lol sometimes. Still confuse some people when I call it combat from time to time. Tbh the only thing I’d want back would be the old sinister strike sound instead of the knify thing it does now.

(Vulrin) #8

Red = go was better than RNG = go

(Feidreva) #9

What is left of the pirate theme though beside the hook? No, really? I saw DH transmog making of them more pirates than outlaw will ever be. And pistol is more of a cowboy theme to me :confused: We don’t even pistols for real, they just appear in our hands for no reasons… I never quite understood what dices had to do with pirates either. Darts at best, but dices?


Assassin’s creed black flag.

(Lilura) #11

Pirates used pistols extensively, and notably flintlock ones, which Outlaw uses. Cowboys came in too late for those.
Also, dices not being piratey? Have you ever heard of gambling? Because pirates sure had.
I do miss Bribe from Legion, though. That was a great part of the fantasy.

(Feidreva) #12

I don’t see why outlaw rogue should fit in any pirate “cliché” when no other spec are forced into one.


Remove outlaw and bring back combat without any major rng.
Or just Make it a dual pistol wielding ranged class without any major rng.

(Lilura) #14

Better than combat literally being assassination but with swords; there was hardly any difference between the two.
And also, Sublety is so clearly the ‘Ninja’ spec for Rogues that it hurts.


Balance out the RNG factors and the spec feels really solid, which amazing sustain and sweet burst windows.

(Lilura) #16

It’d be great if every buff from RtB was actually viable, but Ruthless Precision and Grand Melee are so much better than the other 4, there’s no reason to ever take them.
Broadsides is nearly there with the 20% boost to combo generator damage, but Buried Treasure, Skull and Crossbones and True Bearing don’t bring much unless paired with another. Buried treasure would be better as a percentage boost to energy regen, rather than a flat 4 per second; Skull and Crossbones could also increase Dispatch damage, making it a effective alternative to Ruthless Precision, and True Bearing…well, I’m not sure for that one, maybe just roll it into Restless Blades and overhaul it, because without Curse of the Dreadblades its the least appealing buff.


Yeah, its really hard to make all buffs viable in sense that when you roll not to wish for the “best” buffs.

True bearing had better version back in Legion, now its very slow on its own.

What would make all the buffs viable imo is tweaking them and let the spec abilities adjust to the buff not the buff to the rotation. Now that would make Outlaw very interesting.

Like with each buff rotation could change up and multiple buffs gave more choice of playstyle e.x. Skull and Crossbones increases Dispatch damage and makes it ranged (changing to a new glowy pistol icon), or true bearing adding gap closing mechanic (reducing cooldown on Hook or adding slight move speed bonus depanding on range between the target and player, at least could be useful in PVP and switching targets in raids. Buried treasure randomly increases energy regen by 100% for 1 second in addition to slightly increase energy regen passivly by 3.

I dont know these were the ideas that came to my head right away. Can be thought out, maybe add one or two damaging abilities, which would be complemented by each individual buff. That would allow to switch from spamming same buttons to adjust to the buffs that you currently have and make the spec less punishing from RNG and fun to play.


And what was wrong with that? It used to be a SPECIALIZATION, now every spec is just another class


And qhats wrong with that?


harder to balance. Before legion blizz had to balance 11 classes, so at least 1 spec would be viable in every aspect of the game. And ppl were ok with it, because every spec were part of the same class, with general class abilities, mechanics e.t.c. Now we have 36(how many specs in the game?) different classes, with their own mechanics, abilities, aesthetics, and everyone wants to be viable everywhere.
before: “I am a hunter. My surv spec is good in pvp, so I play arenas in it. But my bm spec is better in raids, so I do raids as a bm hunter!”
now: “I am a mm hunter, and I wanna be good in pvp! why blizz can’t balance my class?” “And I am a surv hunt, and I wanna be viable in m+! why blizz can’t balance my class?”
See the difference?