Bring back realm first titles

Back in the day there were special titles for people who get boss kills realm first but Blizzard stopped doing it.

Can we please have realm first for raid kills for SL?


And we should have these titles…
Why exactly?


no offence but just because you cannot get those titles there is no need for you to whine and be against it. not everything in the game is meant to be achieved by everyone. i won’t reply to you anymore so please go “contribute” elsewhere, thanks.

please only serious replies by people who can think beyond their own ego please.

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We have top100 titles now which are better.
The server first titles were bad because if you played on a dead realm like mine you could get it even if you were super slow, while you had no chance on bigger realms.
Also if you were not in for the kill you lost the title even if you progressed all other bosses.


Sounds like a good way to spread the raiding community over the low pop servers. :slight_smile:


And you think guilds are going to spend hundreds of € or millions of golds to transfer on a bad realm just for a title? And get all the disadvantages of a low pop realm?


i am guessing you are new to this game.

welcome to wow.

back when these titles existed big guilds DID actually spend hundreds to xfer to dead severs to get titles. this is why often in the past big guilds would xfer to dead servers. method has often xferred to dead servers in the past and other hardcore guilds that i know personally have gone too. paragon was on some really dead server in wotlk after they left stormscale so YES THIS HELPS DEAD SERVERS. you speak of benefits of being on large servers but there are none. hc guilds want to be on dead servers where they can enjoy lagfree raiding.


Well, yes.


Transfer dead server to get achi, then transfer back cos no players/economy.

Rly helped deadservers.

In wotlk, blizz added new servers where aq gate event wasnt done and certain people transferred there to get ez title and mount.

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People jumped server to get those titles.

No they didn’t as when you moved server you were put on a CD just like what’s happening in classic now . You couldn’t get server 1st within first 30days of moving

Method have/were long term TM players they only moved factions .


I fail to see why this response was needed. All she was doing was asking why they are needed, and somehow you mistake that for entitlement?

As for the actual topic, it would be nice to see.


When Method transferred to TM it was a crappy small server. I know because I still remember the time. Either way Method is not relevant here because they are easily going to get server first no matter which server they are on. Can we please stay on topic instead of trying to correct people to boost your ego?

And the CD thing you mentioned is only partly correct because it was implemented later on to stop people from server hopping. They need to keep this because it will encourage big guilds to stay on dead servers to get their server first there. That way big hardcore guilds would be more spread out instead of all of them being on 5 servers.

It was to stop people getting scrab lord easy and to stop realm firsts nothing to do with realm transfers as they had a 90 day CD anyways .


They will not any longer and on topic we already have top 100 horde and alliance that’s good enough .


Can you please think a little before relpying?
It will force people to stay on the dead server because if they stay on it they can keep getting server first titles instead of transferring back to their old server right away.

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But you couldn’t get them anyway by moving soon as achivements came in they inforced the rule and made a CD what you are saying is usless its a none problem . Guilds from pre patch WOTLK never moved to get server first titles it would be pointless .


I can see why you had mulitple posts flagged honestly both in this and the other thread. You have a very toxic attitude towards anyone you disagree with right away.

A bit of friendliness goes a long way.


So basically you decided to jump to quite a stretch of a conclusion and had a go at her? Great people skills.


Also this :


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