Bring the raid loot system to M+ to prevent ninja looting

People seem to have forgotten the horrors of ninja looting and its come back in the form of people whispering and trading people for drops in M+ without calling for a roll.

Some brainlet players dont think thats an option but i’m sick of losing items to people who dont care about fairness because they dont need the item.

The same is true about being invited to groups of friends who already have an undesclosed agreement to only share the loot for themselves and not let anyone else have it. I propose adding the raid system in and if people want to need roll it for friends it will at least give the others a chance to get the gear.

Whispering and trading is extremely toxic behaviour which has gone unnoticed becasue its used by so many players its become normal.

Thankfully its been phased out of raiding but I remember last xpac tons of people directly whispering me when an item dropped and even straight up trading hoping they could steal it from the group.


i hate it when i join a guild group in m+ and they share the loot between guildies. disgusting behaviour


If its a persons item they can trade it however they feel like.

They are under no obligation to “roll it out” because thats how you think it should be done. They can give to someone whose mog they like or hold a joke telling competition.

You get to dictate nothing.


You really felt some type of way that you needed to post this in 2 different forum topics? You’re not entitled to gear, whatever you may think.


You do realize people don’t have to trade you items in this game?

Imagine I get a drop, I could:

  • Keep it and use it
  • Keep it for a transmog (if it is raid gear or dungeon gear never owned)
  • Keep it and sell it for gold
  • Give it to a friend who needs it
  • Destroy it manually
  • Trade it to someone else by letting them roll
  • Let people roll and not trade it at all (not saying I do such things, just pointing out possibilities)
  • Not trade it because it is an upgrade and already soulbound

But in none of those options is written “others deserve my loot” nor “I can’t do with my loot what I want”. You never were meant to have the loot of others and you never will be unless that person is very generous to give it away to you when that person offers it via a roll.

I could also say that I find it greedy and annoying whenever something drops for me that I read instantly (puts Australian Ron Weasely voice on) “AY YO! DO YOU BLOODY NEED THAT MATE?”, reminding me of the Seagulls from Find Nemo, screaming “MINE! MINE! MINE!


Unfortunately there are enough people that will trade it to the first person who asks or leave the group without a second thought that being fast is kinda necessary, despite that I find the better method is to make the group aware of what major item you need and ask what people’s intentions are before the run starts.

If you do a M+ and you get an item it’s yours, it’s not the groups to be rolled. If you want to give it to your friend in the group, that is 100% completely fine. You’re not entitled to the loot that drops using personal loot, you’re not entitled to a fair chance to roll on it either.

I’ve no issues with oldschool loot methods, since I primarily play Classic Progression (aka WOTLK), but if it’s personal loot then if you get an item it’s yours to do whatever you want with it.


they won the roll so they can do whatever they want with it? If it had raid grp rules everyone from guild would just roll need over you and you wouldnt even have chance to get it on personal loot anymore?

M+ needs to stop giving us duplicates if we have an equal/higher version of the item. That’s all it needs.


He is British not Australian

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I’d only like to see a system in place, where the game will not allow a person to roll on a piece of gear, which isn’t an upgrade for them. If they want to roll for off-spec, then it does what is does currently, where main spec takes prio, before a off-spec roll is taken into consideration.

I know on one of my characters, just running a typical LFR, there was a guy was who just rolling need on everything, even though he was fully geared from normal/heroic. He was there purely for tranmogs.

But that being said, it’s not the end of the world, but it would indeed be nice to have a better system in place to avoid those annoying people, which unfortunately are there to take everything for themselves and don’t care about the average joe, who may really benefit from that item upgrade.


If someone got loot in m+ it’s not yours. There is no ninja looting about it.
There will be with group loot though cause with group loot everyone is gonna need on everything. Just like in raids.
Actually low key mad at you for wanting that trash loot system spread even more.


All the points against this would be mute if they did not go with this type of loot system in M+. They choose this for a reason and can change it when they want. Hence why they changed it up for the raids becasuse of this exact issue. The loot system in M+ is trash and made even worse by players who don’t like to play fair.

Also the “its your item so who cares argument” is also dog**** because player behaviour has always been tempered by loot rules becasue people be people. ‘Do as thou wilt’ has been erased from every other loot system in game so far and M+ is the last place its allowed.

Imo its only a matter of time till the loot system is changed.

Edit: Also I think people are ignoring the psychology behind ninja looting as people are not doing it on purpose they are most of the time being manipulated by those who are exploiting the end of dungeon malase and just want to leave.

To prove this further the same people who would happily role on items would rage if their BiS was just traded to a person who opened up a trade window the moment it dropped. This fact you cannot argue would be frustrating for you and should be addressed.

There’s less people in a dungeon than a raid so it’s less likely a given random drop will appeal or be useful to an individual in said group so the raid loot System won’t work. System works fine, actual drop rates / the math behind acquiring a given item could use some work but the idea that someone not giving you their item is somehow a problem is frankly hilarious.

No one has to trade me anything. Raid leaders dont need to give other people loot. I dont have to heal you in a dungeon. I dont have to give the winner of an item I don’t need who rolled it, I can just delete it infront of him and /lol if I want to.

No one is compeled to do anything in game but sometimes its better that we do.

I also forgot to mention that i’ve seen people trade loot an item just for transmog once and another guy needed it for BiS. He was livid and the guy who took it left immediatly. But sure let toxic people be toxic its a free country.

I can’t ****ing spell at 4am

But that works both ways. In the current system last week at the end of a ToTT run, I had a piece I didn’t need, one person who was undergeared needed it desperately, another player who was similarly geared to me, ummed and ahhed over it for 20 seconds or so before rolling on it, it was at best a minor upgrade and probably not even that. Second person won that roll, I gave it to the first guy, I’m perfectly happy with my decision.

A roll system is often viewed as “fair” but I don’t think rewarding the guy who didn’t really need it and said he would roll but it’d be “funny” if he did, then did so anyway, as the better one just because you decree it so.

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I don’t think you get it at all. Infact i’m afraid the game is so full of kids we can’t decipher arguments. I’m not saying gimme i’m mad i didn’t get it i’m saying the system of first come first served is screwed and it should be the way it used to be. A shared loot pool where everyone rolls.

I agree that sucks but its still better than not having a rolling system at all. There is no perfect system but you would agree that having an internal loot pool is better than everyone getting individual items and the inevitable chat bloat of rolls and trade frenzies.

And you are mislabeling something. Not getting an item that is an upgrade for you is NOT ninja looting. You can’t ninja loot personal loot.
I’ve watched my bis go to someone else that didn’t need it and guess what? I didn’t cry and throw a temper tantrum in the forums over it. You can run mythic plus infinitely if you want to, so run it until you get your loot.
My bis trinket is in Throne of Tides, so guess what I did? Ran a ton of throne of tides until I got my trinket.


The system isn’t first come first served. The system is 2 people out of the 5 in the group get an item. What they do with it from then on is irrelevant.

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