Buff Holy Priest

I play holy priest and there are some situations where I am now seriously uncomfortable. I started to get seriously out of the game seeing shamans and resto druids in the group search. I have around 1200 rio ​​points. I just played solo. I can’t find a teammate because when holy priest is called folks run away We can’t find a party for hours. Yes I am not even taken to 15 mythics. When I finish 14-15. They say good heal, but I’m really tired of not being included in groups in general. Why are every expansion resto druids good? If you don’t care that much. Holy Priest shouldn’t do mythic plus. Could you have such a terrible balance system for years? First holy paladin, resto druid; Then the shaman became the best. If you want balance, hard nerf these 3 healers or buff holy priest and monk. What are you experiencing in the head? You have to draw a line into what is called the meta. There are unbelievably difficult classes in finding groups. Now deal with these balances instead of pet battles. For how many years, give up your absurd love for druid. Sorry for my bad English. I just felt the need to write because of this situation I was bored with for a long time. If you give some right, like it …

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That’s the disadvantage of having 2 healing specs as Priest, usually when a class has more than one spec of the same role, 1 of them tends to be good and the others absolute garbage.

Meanwhile hybrids (specially Paladin and Druid) tend to have stronger specs because they “only” have 1 of each, so Blizzard doesn’t want to make them unplayable.

Back to HPriest, honestly the problem is more a community perception than anything else. HPS is fine, gameplay wise it’s okay too, you can choose to play a bit different with Flash Concentration legendary.

Where we are a bit lacking is in the utility deparment, Mind Soothe is extremely niche, we don’t have AoE roots, enrage dispells or anything like that.

Power Infusion and Mass Dispel are nice but our only tank CD is very weak and requires wasting a talent slot, compared to R.Druid or Discipline for example which have much better CD and they are baseline.

I agree a lot of the issue here is perception. People want Discipline Priests and not Holy - and yet, very often, when I heal Mythic+ runs I am told my heals are good.

I do feel, though, that Holy has been something of the red-headed stepchild for years now and I do feel the spec needs some love. The toolbox is good, if used properly, but some buffs to the actual healing output would go a long way I feel.


No, its are not fine at all.
During BFA S4 Holy was a beast, i could outheal everything and everyone now Holy is bottomline the worst kind of way.

Mobility+defensive is what we lack.
Bad mobility, the worst ingame atm is most likely to kill you in some situations that you react 1 second slower while shamans go dawg form, druuds leap to ally, munks roll, palas use their shiny horses and bubbles.

Not to mention that still 2021 priests have no way to clear roots/snares/immobilize that can kill you AGAIN.

They intentionally made Holy bottom tier, you see they added lady alabaster legendary during SL beta which never got out to live. If this legendary was out the HPS WOULD BE fine :slight_smile:

Your performance in key completion is already phenomenal, puglords want to playsafe with OP classes and specs that will cover their mistakes.

Honestly for M+ around the 8’s i rerolled to shadow just to save myself from the decline fest, still not even close to your numbers though :slight_smile:

Just give it some time mate, youre gonna get that 15’s done soon… When druuds and shamans will have 0 interest doing them. :upside_down_face:


Great post. Guys keep making noise. They will hear us

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Keep being loud. We have to post also in general

We need more utility imo.

There’s litterally nothing a HPriest brings in a M+that a Disc doesn’t.

Power Infusion - Mass Dispell - Stam buff etc.

I think we should get a CR and that would really be the best thing Blizz could do for the class fantasy aspect of it.

And some more utility like maybe Ray Of Hope baseline? Or some defensive that I can actually use and be sure I won’t die for the next 2 seconds and not hoping that Desperate Prayer will be enough

I am fine though by having low mobility, Monks, Druids and Shamans should be better at it and having this drawback is fine IMO.


They should nerf resto druid and resto shaman. Simple.

I’m not up to the heady heights of the +15/16 - still plugging away around the 9/10 level but I’ve found the declines coming more and more now I’m inching up. The irony is people who group with me are very complimentary about my healing. Is it the best ? No. But it’s good and I try to help out with things like Power Infusion, some DPS when I feel I can chuck it in and basically not being a helpless priest in a frock.

But I am starting to feel the struggle even more now. I get frustrated because the heals no longer seem to be as potent as I would like, more and more I’m blowing cooldowns on trash to keep the show on the road. Part of this is gear I am sure, but the bottom line is Holy really needs some love.

Suggestions from me to go with the idea above:

  • A decent HOT - Renew is so pathetic I never use it, so why bother.
  • A decent ‘oh crap’ button for personal use. Desperate Prayer is too poor.
  • Some decent Conduits. I have a massive collection of Shadow and Disco Conduits, and the Holy ones are so lacklustre. How about buffing the couple of decent ones we end up using because the rest are so ‘meh’ ?
  • Make Mastery work differently. The HOT element of it is wasted so much in Mythics - Echo of Light could be reworked something like ‘Your Heal is duplicated 3 seconds later for %Mastery of the original amount’. It’s still the flavour and idea, and just would be so much better.
  • Just generally beef up the heals. An across the board percentage increase would help. I see other classes also being neglected so I know it’s not just us, but c’mon guys - there is a shortage of healers and you’re driving away 1/6 of your healer base.
  • Fix the loot problems overall. I’m tired of running a Mythic+ and getting 35 anima at the end of it. I had a terrible SD+8 the other day - the tank was very poor - and it ended up taking over an hour. For my efforts I got 35 anima and a headache. The Great Vault helps a bit but ultimately it is one item, once a week. M+ should be rewarding at higher levels - 35 anima is not rewarding.

Sorry for wall-of-text.


100% agreed. Healing a +9 on Hpriest around 200 felt challenging to me. Now I am casually healing +12s to +14s on a resto shammy with 205. The difference is mental; even more so as I have healed for years as a holy and know the toolset well whereas I keep forgetting about some shammy cooldowns.

Well my holy priest is 204 or 205 depending on exactly what legendary I’m using - but typically 204. I was persuaded to do NW+11 yesterday and it was awful. I was clearly the weak link and although people were very patient, and we did get to the end eventually, I felt really bad over it all.

If a Shammy with equivalent gear is easily healing 12/13/14 then this must surely indicate there is an issue.

I have been healing with holy since TBC, and I really understand the class and the box of tricks well. I am just not sure I can face levelling a shammy…

NW should be your last concern as it is getting heavy nerfs after the reset lol.

I’ve covered a lot of the issues holy has in other posts. But to claim you don’t want to “boost retards” using your own key is hardly a helpful mindset. What if every other group is thinking the same about bringing you? At least your own key you can be picky.

On topic. It’s not that other classes are OP. It’s holy’s utter lack of group utility. Holy single target stun(talent!?)1 min cd. Shammy aoe stun 1 min. Baseline.

You know it all, but it’s abundantly clear that priests need more effective HPS when mobile. The static healing nuke just doesn’t work anymore. (even though FC is the most dull way to play ever) they Also need group utility Personals and some form of mitigation.

Barrier And PS should be priest baseline spells.

PoMending should apply a tempory buff to players causing all echo of light healing to be stored on them and then release when they drop below %.

As it stands most of echo of light is over healing. Like 60%+ sometimes on raids. It’s a great mastery system but not effective

Nerfing other specs doesn’t fix holy. They need to bring holy up on par. Otherwise every spec is equally as terrible.

Woade - who said anything about not wanting to boost retards ? I don’t see that anywhere in this discussion.

I am happy to use - and do - my own key but it’s not always a dungeon I want to run.

I don’t want other classes nerfed, I simply want my own to be made more competitive with the other healing classes. I don’t feel this is too much to ask.

Garais - your answer is singularly unhelpful. The actual dungeon mentioned doesn’t matter that much, it’s simply the fact that it was a +11, and I’m sure you know that.

Dungeon nerfs don’t fix class problems.

I pretty much only play holy when doing sun king’s revelation. The lack of good raid/external CDs and generally poor utility is just such a huge issue tbh. All of holy’s best utilities are baseline, while disc gets one of the best raid CDs and the best external in the game. I don’t really see holy being less mobile than disc though, lots of instant healing spells you can use while on the move, and that’s before resorting to renew.

Simlipusi did, but the post was deleted

Yep, it is kinda bad. On the latest logs it performs even worse than mistweaver monk…

Ray of hope baseline… Yes

The funny thing is that we do have some instant healing spells. The thing is they can be on cooldown and those which aren’t also not healing much.