Buff mmr when?

we are almost at weekend 16 and the ranking does not change (look at 2v2 for example, people have had the same rank since the first month)
I think we really need to increase the mmr like bfa s4 or sl s2 so that people want to play, that would give more motivation for q
(yes people should base it on rank and not cr but be honest it doesn’t work like that)
and why some seasons or the best players are at 3.5+ and others at 2.5? it’s really bad
I also don’t know why the titles glad, duelist, rival etc. are no longer assigned in %

(sorry for english translate)


Blizzard development: oh yes, that is a good idea to keep PVP and retail alive… proceed to do Season of Discovery PvP tuning xd


Never probabbly, Deflation is realy hard this time actualy. Basicaly Everyone is waiting untill last 2 weeks of the season to push, including myself. They should just go back to old % based titles, wich were friendly to deflation btw as There were seasons where glad was 2,3k and duelist like 1,7k etc but it still corresponded to propper Percentile- 0,5%, 3% etc. If you get Duelist this season For example Its way above 3% as it used to be as only 0,5% of aaccounts have duelist FOS achievement as im writting this. So Either they Make rewards % based again like it used to be, or They Gradualy inject artificial mmr to the Brackets since like week 5 or something like that.

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Nothing wrong with the MMR, people are just bad.

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i cant believe it is hard to understand why
yeee mmr issue ofc
like every other season before df and sl

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Peak rating just before Christmas was 2300 in 2s and 3s. Its now 2750 and 2950. Starter MMR for alts is now 1800. I took a break in early January because i was playing rank 1s at 2k mmr in 2s. Now at 2100 in 2s and Shuffle you’re playing against keyboard turning healers or players that feel like they are 2k lifetime peak. There are 1200+ characters above 2400 in 3s.

There has already been MMR buffs. Any more than this and you’re asking for free rating.

This is exactly what people demanding MMR buffs right now are asking for, they are just dishonest about it to avoid saying that they are not good enough. It is always easier to blame the system than oneself, is it not ?


Sadly for aloooot of people. Reasons why massively inflated seasons cause permanent damage in certain ppls minds.

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ehh, mmr is the least problem here.

that few people play is more of a problem

i face at 22:00 pm Eu sometimes the same team 2/3x times in a row at 2.2 mmr

in Legion it happend at 2.8/3k mmr

from my personal experience, i can say u see way way less peoples who play arena compared to legion/bfa/sl

the mmr seems fine, im not a fan of, that the mmr getting inflated “hardcore” in the last 2-3 weeks of the season, but because everyone starting to play the game?

but overall for me the mmr looks fine, the gameplay and pacing is more of a problem.
and the lack of balance changes ofc


I feel like the rating isnt the issue, but the amount of players playing, why people want inflation.

Lfg feels dead with everyone trying to leech of each other

Shuffel has now sometimes 3-5 minutes que time as healer even on low rating as myself

2s you see the same teams all night long at 2,1-2,3 mmr

If people only wanted free rating, they would reroll DH or whats the next fom class. See Ret and Aug last seasons.

Inflation is just the easiest tool to force people back to playing, if they can find something else, inflation wont be needed anymore

but for the love of god, get more people to play again xD and if arena gives more gold or something


that’s not the subject, the subject is why some seasons the mmr is very high and others not. for a multi glad/r1 player they don’t care but for 90% of players it doesn’t make you want to. Just look at the number of participations, it’s never been so low (while in s2 sl there were lots of people)
Anyway, the ranking system is bad, it would be necessary to have a ranking like league of legende or hearstone (bronze, silver, gold etc.)


Treu only r1 players mather no need rewards for the rest ever they do not deserve it
99 % of the playerbase choud just pay thats it


Is every single season the exact same length of time with the exact same levels of participation?

No. There’s your answer.

To compare something like Shadowlands season 2 which was a 9 month season with huge participations (highly influenced by the pandemic) to any of the seasons that followed would be nonsensical.

And what’s funnier is that there are now well over 1000 characters above 2400.

People always say they want ‘challenging’ rewards to stay challenging…until it comes to a reward that’s too hard for them.

covid was over in season 2, and participation was only present because the mmr was high

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Google is free. Lockdown restrictions in my country were not fully lifted until July ‘21. Shadowlands Season 2 ended in February 2021. Which month comes first?

defend blizzard as you want, but don’t be surprised that no one plays anymore

in my country covid was in 2020, in 2021 everyone works

Btw the glad doesn’t mean anything since bfa, before it was 0.5% now it’s 2.4 50 win
Moreover since some seasons we had inflated mmr, + all the boosts yes really no one cares

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People already dipped 4 months ago when they logged in and saw that peak rating was 2300 on week 4 and combatant DHs were woodchippering rank 1s. The season died way back then because they wouldn’t bury this spec and introduce MMR inflation back then. They waited 4 months and now we’re in March and finally MMR feels good (unless you’re a healer in RSS) but DH is still absolutely atrocious, to the point that people are playing double DH in the AWC.

It isn’t about defending Blizz, its about pointing out that if your only issue was MMR inflation, log in right now and witness that inflation for yourself.

and half of them were people creating new characters to sell. You can go to certain websites right now and they have listed dozens of unchained gladiator drake + tabard characters ready to be sold for just €80- €120. If you ever see any of these gladiator drakes running around, realise that 99% of them were purchased and they’re worth less than or around the same price as this weeb game on steam:

the point i’m making here is that there is a healthy medium between hyper deflated seasons and hyper inflated seasons, where boosters aren’t the majority of players and where no one can get 2400 unless they’re in the AWC, and that healthy medium is one we’re in right now. You start 1800 and are handed the set for free if you go 50/50, if you’re slightly decent you’ll end up at 2200+ MMR and get your enchant, and if you’ve between 2200+ before you’ll have no problem getting 2400. Any more than this and you’re asking for free rating, which maybe you are - theres a lot of boosters wanting SL S2 and DF S1 back.

I say this as someone who was one of the loudest people asking for MMR inflation at the start of the season because I am sick of every single season starting off with me having to play into gladiators and rank 1s for the first month at 1800-2000 mmr. That doesn’t happen now.

So why are you complaining about the MMR if the rewards are so worthless now?

Tbh outside of buffing mmr

how about we fix catching up to the mmr? I was equping my heal evoker in 2s but its kinda annoying again that you can be 300 cr under the games mmr and enemys cr but still only get 21 rating lol takes years to get up

Give us easier enemys OR atleast catch up cr wise faster so it more pleasing for the eyes if we win (https://imgur.com/a/QWAK9Mw)


since we got easy lvl up and gear are so fast, we play agaist same players in all rating. when every one got multy mains-alt. exaple you get vs with awc player in 1900. he log out login another char in 2700cr… maybe a battlenet mmr on spec maybe will help. everyone waiting last 2-3 week to play when the rating start to feel normal.
for sure we need more balance system which every time will feel the same. casual vs casual . good players vs good players. advance players vs advance players
something like that :smiley: