Buff the AI in Comp Stom!

It’s awesome to see how far this machine-learned AI have gotten.

However it would appear that they are badly under-tuned compared to our current gear, which unfortunately undervalues the effort that have gone into these bots and makes them seem worse than they are.

So please, do buff them as well as optimizing them even further.

Edit: Whelp, subs up see you when Vulpera is out.


At a guess it’s because not everyone is geared.


They seemed to be under-tuned when they initially released it too.

I clearly need to go and try it again, I think I went a couple of times and that was a while ago :rofl:


In fairness I think late night BG’s with actual bots used to be a tougher challenge than these comp stomp brawls.

I think they should make deepmind fight us so that we can grow accustomed to things like this when Alexa takes over the world (Hi Overlord Alexa! :scream: )


I spoke to the cat the other day and my phone was on google assistant thing (fat fingered it when I put it down) and she answered me. Made me jump.

Reminds me of


Here’s a Christmas present idea for people :

Now as for the topic at hand. I would love to see the ‘smart ai’ NPCs a lot more in game and places.

You know what I keep thinking, bots could one day be a good step towards eliminating queue times. Mixing AI in with players on both teams.

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Oddly enough I think some BlizzBots would be better than players. I mean kicking, CC and so on. Also they likely have better damage and heal output too than some people :crazy_face:


I would love to see the total opposite of comp stomp where the AI is extremely hard to beat.

Are you sure your 340 gear makes it undertuned? btw AI is not about damage.

Also most mobs in this game have AS.

Their HP is about 120-160k, which does put them around ilvl 300-340, meanwhile most players that haven’t ditched their character when hitting 120 got an ilvl closer to 400 which puts them at 300k+ health.

Basically the players can easily overwhelm the bots, so people don’t really get to see how good they behave.

They do need a buff!

Pretty much every game is 4/5 base dominated by players, and many games are over in five minutes flat.

They are awesome in their own way, but need more learning or whatever. Some of the things they do are a bit daft.

Also - why do they get to have surnames?! No fair!

Just paid attention to their HP on my priest (who has 295k buffed). Their HP is between 220k and 320k depending on class.

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Lowest i saw now were 160k on one character, and 120k on another. Guess they are affected by scaling tech then.

And also why is Sneaky Pete not there?!

On original subject: I tried comp stomp yesterday first time, playing around 6-7 matches on the row and while opponents where not super hard or anything, it felt they were getting tiny bit better after every match. I also remember when they first came out people on forum were reporting them being more difficult towards end of the week. Is it possible that they learn?

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But yeah, I think they do actually get better over the week. It would be good if they ‘retained the knowledge’ week in week out.

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I doubt they update them while we play, honestly not even sure if they kept training them since the last release. Hard to tell since they are so under tuned…

They do nevertheless show behaviour with rivals actual players, such as their ability to capture the flag under your nose, their focus on healers, and the paths they take to the objectives often times attacking from blind spots and the back and sending someone to cap farm/stable at the start of the match since it’s often abandoned.

Would have loved if they did the same with the other battlegrounds too though.


Also they seem to be better than players to notice if you try capture flag under their nose. I was trying in some matches and was interupted every single time.

Pynu is in android gang confirmed :sunglasses:

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