Buff the AI in Comp Stom!

Yes Android all the way.

I also disabled the assistant on my phone after it spoke to me :rofl:


If i was Blizzard i would do comp stomp like this: I would put players just to normal AB but i would change in interface that opposing teams names are changed into bot names and all signs of them being real players would be diminished. So no one would ever know they are playing against real players but they would think other side is bots. And i would eat popcorn and read forums where players would complain about bots being tooeasy/toohard.


Still probably the biggest Finnish conspiracy on the Internet

It wasn’t ment to be conspiracy theory it was actual plan what i would do. I would buy the pop corn with the money i saved from creating the bots. :rofl:

Hmm… :smiling_imp:
Creating bots… is it possible to learn such power?

I want a share in your conspiracy, that’s it :flushed:

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Well if i was Blizzard and BossBlizzard would say “No you cannot go with your plan, you gotta create those bots for real!” my AB ai bots would be more realistic. Every team would have 1-3 bots jumping uselessly around or afking in some corner. Then it would have 0-2 extremely well geared and skilled bots that would farm the whole team on gates just 2 of them. It would also have couple of bots leashed on roads in the way they never reach any flags but they would fight hard on their locations (one them would be programmed to shout constant insult on chat to bots that try take flags). Rest of the bots would run from objective to objective taking flags. I would also add bot that guards flag but it would never be implemented in actual game.


This literally sounds like two BGs I did this morning :joy:

(WSG and DWG in this case)

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Forgot to mention that the also hate pets apparently.

Nah, I like the easy rep.

Better not, a certain blue player base is full of wimps who cannot even guard a stupid flag.

Are you trolling or you for real … ?

If we’ve reached the point we need bots to fill the queues , then its time to shut down the servers anyway.

Im not here to pay and play a game with bots instead of players , wtf you talkin about


It’s called an idea. Keep your bra on, it probably won’t ever happen.

ignore his obviously stupid comment.

It was meant in jest. And not even aimed at you :man_shrugging:

So was Sabryu’s comment, i believe. :smile:

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God knows. I hate text. Nothing gets across.

No need to buff them, those bots can already play better than half the playerbase

Wow has starter AI. If you wanna see really good AI - check DotA 2.

I just want same current AI for rep grind and 100 wins ap and so …
Queue- take 4 area - farm grave yard - win - rinse and repeat.

As an Alliance players i would welcome bots in my team open arms.

Bots actually know how to use Cc and won’t whine about cyrillic letters as an excuse of their own stupidity.

Considering that I have yet to get the Arathi Perfection due to my teammates being incapable of executing the simplest strategy, I think that bots are already difficult enough…