Buff X45 Heartbreaker MORE

i’m agreeing with the buff on mounts, but the thing is: Your data is not covering All the playerbase. i believe more people got it on both servers not being part of discord servers to register this etc.

Oh I’m sure. Maybe a 100 have dropped!

But I’m comparing this to the same Discords, 1 / 2 years ago during the start of this event. It had the same amount of reports if not more. Which shows that this buff changed nothing, compared to previous years.


have we done this event fully tho? They sayd the buff is Daily, so maybe more will drop in the next days.

So a rare mount is dropping rarely? omg that’s awful must sue blizzard immediately /s

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Im comparing both to the first day.

If the changed daily drop chance was anything reasonable, we would’ve seen more drops.

So it’s still too low.

And I’m saying this early so we could still see another buff before the event ends and we have to wait ANOTHER year.


I think most peeps have missed this part in the blue post:

So every other effort after the first, has the same drop chance as before the fix.



Yeah, so it didn’t change the part Blizzard themselves said was unfun: Doing it on all your alts for a 0.03% drop chance.

We’re still doing that and nothing has changed ☆•°.

It has though. It’s just only once per day, per account.

So, a worthless change, with a still too low drop chance.

Basically no change at all.

Make it 1% each kill.


It feels like they’re using this joke of a increased drop rate to bait subscriptions. Even a 1/100 is pretty rare but I doubt they would necessarily want to completely ruin the prestige associated with this mount.


It will never be enough for some people.
Complain complain complain.


I get the frustration but at the same time, I like having a handfull of mounts super hard to obtain. I firmly believe that abundance would make things boring very quickly.

If you waste your life on farming low % chance mounts in a video game then you should rethink your goals - start doing something challenging in the game - one shotting old bosses or spamming ez dungeon finder 1 boss kill on multiple characters is a sign of OCD, not overcoming a challenge. Blizzard is aware of people like you and just milks your game time for this. I never bothered with these rare drops myself - it’s a literal waste of time in this game that is basically a waste of time but wasting time can have levels and there is nothing dumber than chasing 0,1% mounts LMAO

So, no - don’t buff the drop rate - I don’t have the mount and I don’t care. But if I could vote, I’d vote against buffing the drop rate. It’s pretty hilarious to think of “mount collectors” who run the same boss 50 times a day or more with multiple accounts just to get a mount they will never really use xD


A 1% drop is still rare enough.
Anything below 0.5% is unreasonable.
Anything below 0.1% is ridiculous.

There’s still plenty of other rare mounts in the game with very low drop chances. Take Timereaver or Urzul.

But atleast you can farm those way more often.
Heartbreaker is 15 days a year.
That, with such a low drop chance, is just plain stupid.


That’s what the strat mount used to be and Sha also now you see them every were. I am all for a buff and i have the mount and i wish you gl for it but asking for more buffs before we have any decent data is looking greedy.

I am so happy i got it pre nerf and not seen to be begging for it now.


I have beemn farming lover mount for 18 years and still no dropped yet.


I do belive they wasnt honest with us. Did today 20 runs and nothing , My friend 32 and nothing and his wife more than 40 and nothing. And I can go on with lot of ppl I know like that , not just them but no drops in group whole day.

As well did runs on raid finder and some BGs today , asked a lot of ppl and evrybody was on same numbers , just met one guy out of like roughly 300 diffrent ppl who got it today.

So more like carrot on stick to force ppl buy sub but giving empty promise in return.


I have seen some hyperbole on these forums over the years and on day 1 of the event but this is amazing clasping at straw’s.

But they even said it’s only first. All those extra runs mean nothing, because statistically you’d need thousands.

So your comment is basically “3 people including myself didn’t get it on the first box”.

Just means same as last year.

I mean even if blizzard buff it more people still will not be happy.