X-45 Heartbreaker Mount Drop Rate Increase

The Love is in the Air world event is right around the corner, and we’re sharing the love this holiday season.

We’ve heard your feedback on the frustrations with X-45 Heartbreaker’s low drop rate and feeling the pressure of having to farm the mount by cycling through as many alts as possible every day. From now on, the first Heart-Shaped Box you receive each day across your Battle.net account will have a greatly increased chance to contain the X-45 Heartbreaker mount.

Any subsequent Heart-Shaped Boxes you earn on your characters after the first each day will drop the mount at the previous, original rate.

Love is in the Air begins on February 6 at 6:00 p.m. GMT in all regions. So spritz on your favorite perfume and head to the Shadowfang Keep event dungeon to defeat Apothecary Hummel for your chance at the fantastic flying fuschia fuselage you’ve fancied far too fervently for what seems like forever.

Good luck adventurers!


yay instead of having a valentines with a girl, imma play World of Warcraft to unlock a mount that probably will not drop!


Good and much needed change. I have the mount already, but people have been after it since TBC deserve a break and better chance.


And they keep doing it.

I’m not interested in this mount, but I can certainly appreciate the “listening to feedback” part.
Now, all you need to do is to listen to our feedback here and cancel whatever new borrowed power you plan on introducing:

Bear in mind that if the previous chance was 0,01% and it’s now 0,5% it would technically be “greatly increased” without it being a lie :no_mouth:


At what level will the mount be able to drop?


I don’t have either the first thing nor do I care the latter one.

Life is truly cruel.

I’m afraid this is what it means. If it was 5%, that would be realistic and one could possibly get it this year. :smiling_face_with_tear:

Gems is not borrowed power. This is a good kind of power

so what is the new chance then?? and how is this check implemented?is this a quest? does that mean that next kills DO NOT HAVE CHANCE to contain mount?? ?hmm

It means the later kill shave the current chance the first one on account has increased chance

??? explain

This is a very good point!

And Blizzard’s mileage for what’s considered tolerable grinding is – I fear – not in harmony with what players consider are hoping for.

But we’ll see.

I expect more to get it, but nowhere near the amount who are hoping to get it.

what im worried is that only 1 per day per account is possible for drop…-.- and then no drops…what is the coding behind such change?

It’s simple.
1st box(which only comes from killing the trio) on your account has greater chance to drop mount, after that it’s back to nomal
So if you have 10 characters, 1st Character to kill the trio & get the box has the greater chance, the other 9 have the original chance.


What does “greatly increased” even mean?

If it was 0,01% and now its 0,1% thats a “greatly increased” chance of it but you’ve still got nex to no chance…


Hopefully you at least get lucky in the game.

This will not prevent army of alts farming as more chances is better even if the subsequent chances are low just because you get such a limited amount of chances each year. Though it does all depend on what greatly increased means.

i’m hoping atleast 1% if not maybe 3%