Bug - Can't create group in finder for Murozond's Rise without authenticator

Hi, this is a bug that persists through another expansion. For dungeons with multiple parts, group finder automatically always picks only one version on group creation and doesn’t allow to change to the correct one from the key without authenticator. This in turn makes it impossible to make group, because people who join instantly leave once informed it’s not the dungeon part they queued up for. For Murozond’s Rise key the group finder automatically queues up as Galakrond’s fall.

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Thanks for the report Hesel, a hotfix is on the way for this and should hopefully be in effect in the next day or two.

Still no fix unfortunately.

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Unable to post Galakrond Down key without authenticator
Says one or more dungeons was not valid


Enable the authenticator.

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So it looks like the original fix actually introduced a new issue with a very similar outcome.

We’re taking another look into this and can hopefully get to the root of the problem soon now!

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One or more dungeons was not valid
all the characters who got the “Galacrond’s Fall” key missed the opportunity to level up the key. It’s terrible because this key drops out every week on several of my characters. if you don’t have a permanent group, then you’re just stuck :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

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I get this error every time I try to list my key (Galakrond’s Fall)

Seems that this is also happening on US too - https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/one-or-more-dungeons-was-not-valid/1718290/7

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I’m getting this, too. I cannot put my Fall key up.

Getting the same issue here; its very annoying, please fix the issue!

Same problem here. Cant push my key this week :confused: very anoying

Had this issue, I picked the dungeon manually from the list and it worked.

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I have the same problem too pls fix it.

And bigest issue is if you dont have autenticator so you cant do it manualy

I have the same problem too dawn of the infinite: galakrond’s fall

I have the same problem. Galakrond’s Fall.

Same issue now, Galakronds Fall - “One or more dungeons was not valid.”
I got the key after swapping it.

“One of more dungeons was not valid” How in the world is this bug still in the game? Yall can get nerfs out instantly but a bug fix? never happening or what?

This bug has been in the game for TOO DAMN LONG NOW! Please FIX the damn bug already!

To those that try to defend blizz on this one… just dont yall are insane for even trying to defend this nonsense.

Did you even bother to read any of the other posts about this? I mean, there was a blue post today, on this very topic, which said a hotfix was due to be rolled out, but was found to cause other issues, so was delayed.

Thank you for showing me the way! from now on im going to dig through the entire forum for something that should have been fixed weeks ago! Im so sorry sir will never happen again!

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