Bug or just over looked by blizz? (Echos)

Im not sure if its been addressed by Blizz or in another forum post (i mightve just missed it) but after getting my first essence unlocked on a new 120 alt i started to progress into the cloak quest line.

After doing both the invasions i had realized i hadnt received any echos of Nyalotha from the chests from completing the invasions tbh im not that bothered that i didnt get them just wasnt sure if its a bug incase i shouldve received them as my DK being a new alt having to save 10k ish echos for all my essences and then try and save for corruption is a biiiiig oof imo especially that i cant get many this week seeing as ive already done 1 major invasion and 1 minor and got none from them whether it was because i was on the quest line for the cloak so it didnt enable them or i dunno

Were you earning Echoes on that character already? If not, according to the blue post on the changes, you start earning Echoes after completing the cloak questline.


More Echoes

In our last update, we added Echoes of Ny’alotha, a new currency available from most Visions of N’Zoth content, which can be used to directly purchase Rank 3 Essences that have already been unlocked on a different character. We plan to expand the availability and purpose of this new currency. Now, once any character completes the legendary cloak questline, they will immediately begin earning Echoes of Ny’alotha from all of the usual sources.

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