Building Azeroth: Northrend

I was merely using transmog as an example. If you wanna dive deeper into it, transmog became really good now. In DF you can transmog white items so it will be even more fun to collect (my opinion)

It’s not when you say you want the experience as close to the original. You keep stating you want the full experience like it was back then. That includes everything.

So first you say it’s not the same and then you say you’d like those bugs added to vanilla classic? It’s the same when talking about nochanges.

Nochanges is a delusion. Like with my example of transmog or class balance (again: broken dk’s at the start of wrath) it serves no purpose for blizz to include/exclude something they were gonna patch out or in anyway.

Too late - I do not play Retail since the summer of 2018.

Please you stop telling me what I say. I say: It’s strange of you to compare the fixing of bugs to the implementing of new features But now that you brought up this subject I answer you: Yes, I would have wanted the whole experience, the whole timeline relived. Not the end product every time around.

I’m quoting you, why does it bother you?

And I’m telling you there is zero reason for it to be that way. After classic (and TBCC) people saw there’s no use in #nochanges. I won’t repeat myself why it absolutely doesn’t make sense and you have already said you’d like nochanges for egoistical reasons so I’m not gonna argue further with you.

I am gonna say you’re starting to sound like a broken record :slight_smile: and I say this with the nicest meaning I can. I’ve seen your other posts and they’re nice, but you’re a very very small minority when it comes to nochanges and an even smaller minority when it’s about phased patch progression inside a classic expansion re-release.

Where do I say

I am going to repeat myself one last time. Not everybody likes to play in the same way, and that is as it should be, as WoW is not one game or meant to be played in just one way.

Nope, I said 2 reasons 1st was NoChanges and 2nd was egoistical ones.
I’m sorry that you do not understand what I’m trying to say.

And more and more people see NoChanges as a protection of WoW against Blizz.

Look ok I can see I have to write in the literal sense with you, so I will. Last reply too because I feel like we’re running in circles.

So one of the two reasons is you wanted to be egoistical, no? Yes I know there’s another reason but I zoomed in on the second one.

I’m not the biggest fan of Blizz, don’t get me wrong. but I draw the line in altering stuff that was not added during the expansion. Harder Naxx or hc dungeons is not something I want. I don’t feel that adding the LFD tool or the quest helper at the start is such a big deal. It’s still gonna be wrath.

My other reason is that I don’t trust blizz for a perfect recreation of the phases, coupled with there being no need for broken stuff that’s gonna be fixed anyway a month or two later to be added into the game. Blizz doesn’t have enough people working on classic.

Just give up on #nochanges, blizz has already said they will change wrath so that battle is lost. You can ask and complain for it as long and hard as you want, not gonna achieve anything. I wanted TBC ERA servers as well, but it’s no use when so few ppl ask for em to stay and blizz just ignoring every request. Not gonna waste anymore energy.


and This:

are not the same.

I am going to from now on ‘waste’ my time not on you but on Blizz - they listen better.

So explain where I went wrong. I’m not a native english speaker and I’m sure as hell sure you’re not one either.

And sure ignore all the other stuff I wrote.

Edit: whatever mate don’t reply it’s a waste of time arguing with you indeed. You’re just a broken record complaining about stuff you’ll never have and that never will be.

The topic of the quest helper is interesting. Because yes, it is convenient, but when Classic came out many noted that there was a certain charm to not having directions in the user interface or sparkling items in the world. These features, while helpful, did remove the exploration-aspect.

In Classic 2019 I levelled a priest, and I remember how darn good Mind Vision ( was. You could enter an area with Mind Vision and scout for items or NPCs without having to fight your way through. Because of how Classic functioned a spell like Mind Vision had great utility. In Retail it does not have the same utility because you already know exactly where the specific quest objective is. In Retail, Mind Vision is more like a “class toy” than an actual useful ability.

But I digress, the point I wanted to make is about Classic vs. Retail. Because the lack of these helpful tips in the interface is certainly something people who enjoyed Classic seems to have treasured. Not having directions in the interface seems to be part of “that Classic feel”. So should it be brought back simply because “that’s how it was in Wrath?” … people who want #nochanges will argue that yes, it should. I’m not in that crowd, myself. I don’t like the quest design of Retail, I much prefer the quest design in Classic.

Sidenote, but I’ve always found that #nochanges is silly. Yes, I appreciated the lack of directions in Classic because it has a real, tangible effect on the gameplay. But I hated that I could not click on the quest text in my interface to bring up the quest log. Certain improvements are just that – improvements. Unless someone will try to make the argument that “if you want to click on the quest text in the interface to open your journal then go play retail!!” or say that some of their best memories from WoW was from clicking on “L”.

I wholly and totally agree with you on the exploration aspect. I too hated the Quest-helper map when it arrived to Wrath.
When I, despite this, clamour for #NoChanges it is because you can see up until now what a mess Blizz make of #SomeChanges.
Big and tiny issues among one another here (some will shrug and call this meaningless, but it means a lot to me): FP icons in Classic minimap, Carets in Minimap, not-hissing lampposts, Crazy low framerates in some locations, Mounted people aboard ships, Sounds being off timewise, artificial lag, Pets acting strange, Nodes etc. glittering anyway, respawn rates going wild, double spawns, un-Vanilla like population numbers, no Armory …

Well, I don’t disagree with you, not entirely. I do love the exploration part of wow… the first time in a new zone. Even the second time and maybe the third time there.
But now, playing a re-release of game very well known it’s not really that interesting to explore it further.
But that is why I’d still argue that having questhelper in the game, with the functionality to turn it on or off is the best way to go. Everybody can have it their own way, the way they like it.
And no, it’s not like RDF which you’d more or less would be forced to use to benefit the most from the game. You are certainly not forced to turn questhelper on to make the most of the game. Quite opposit I’d say actually, if you like the exploration aspect.
On the Mind Vision aspect I agree ofc. It’s a shame they couldn’t have given that, and the likes of it, other uses of some kind.

This I could agree with seeing as one could argue that this is already the case. Some players will use mods or look up things on WoWhead which renders the exploration-aspect kind of pointless anyways. Playing without mods and avoiding WoWhead is already a player choice. The only way this becomes a problem is if Blizzard were to design their quests with the quest helper in mind, which is likely the case of Retail these days. I think retail would be very difficult to play if you turned off all the pointers in the user interface. But WLK isn’t really creating any new content.

I always play like this and the desperation over not being able to read quest text and do the quest was one otf the things that buggered me. Afew quests come to my mind here: The herbing Quest “Learning from the Best” in Boralus took me one hours desperate trying before resorting to Wowhead.

The cooking daily in Darnassus is as hopeless: - you go back to him with the cakes and …

Not funny at all with Quest helper is the hilarious “Do the Thing!”

I just HATE that Questhelper etc. cannot be disabled in Retail,and that Quest descripions because of this are sloppy and often misleading.

Sorry no more recent examples, I gave up on Retail in 2018, but I suppose the pattern is the same in BfA and SL

I’d argue it is way worse in Shadowlands :sweat_smile: … not only do they have all the old UI elements on the map and minimap, but they’ve included actual arrows in the game that are on screen at all times. You can disable them but as far as I’m aware they’re on by default. The quest design of Shadowlands was also extremely linear.

I suppose they try to make up for the lack of gameplay by having more focus on the story, but the story isn’t all that great either.


Arrows on screen :exploding_head: ! I’m happy now I never bought SL.

Yea they are on by default. I always turn them off among the first things I do. Those arrows in the middle of the screen are just to damn annoying.

These comments. Man you guys are so jayded. I want rdf, very badly…mainly because i dont want to have to fly kms just to get to each dungeon…dont care about in game quest helper as i use addons for that but im still excited for this.

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