Building Azeroth: Northrend

For me it IS a problem. It was not in the first half of Wrath, (same as RDF). I hated questhelper map then,. I hate it now - Blizz is making so many changes, I’m about to quit.

Ah so you don’t want them in one window. Lol now I get ya :grin:

I agree on the to many changes part. It’s getting to the point I likely wont play on any official server.
But in all fairness, having the questhelper in the game isn’t really a change as it was in original wrath (albeit later along with RDF).
Compared to how it is in TBC, then yes, it is a change for sure.

As things are now I’m not having my Minimap open ever bacause of the carets, thus not seeing lots of nodes and herbs. If I am also not going to have to open my Quest log then I’m in for hard times. I had hoped for it not to be at launch, so that I could play Wrath Classic after some time - when the worst rush-hour was done -and have some of the fun achievements. As it is now, I’m either stopping or staying in Era. Pserver is not an alternative for me.

Seen similar reply on the forum but wanted to toss my opinion:
When I first started playing WoW, Wotlk actually, I was teen and had more time to play. Now as a mother I have really limited playtime and I would love it “play it to the fullest”, with RDF and Quest helper not questie.

Let others turn it off but keep it in-game for anyone that don’t have time to read the quests or lurk on LFG channel for hours. I rather read some WoW books to my kids :rofl: they love to see the pictures


Sorry, my Northrend had Dungeon Finder in it, don’t know what this is.


Did you not play the whole first year?

My Northrend did NOT have in-built Questhelper in map.

And it was added because it was one of most popular addons. And now in Classic Questie is top 4 popular addon. It was players decision :wink:

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Oh, yeah, Wrath didn’t have RDF for the first year, AND SORELY MISSED IT. After a year, Blizzard finally got around to adding a feature that should have been in since midway through TBC at the latest.

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Sorry pal, I do agree with you most of the time, but you can’t pick and choose what #Nochanges you want.
It’s a shame you don’t like, or want, questhelper, but you do want RDF.
Speaking for myself, I’d like them both.

As I wrote before in WotLK the quest log and map were separate. If you deactivated the quest tracking in the map, you had a map like in TBC and a questlog like in TBC. Both in separate windows.

I don’t know what the quest helper Blizzard implements for WotLK Classic looks like, but if the quest log is integrated into the map instead of being an extra window, it’s just because Blizzard strayed from the original design of the WotLK quest helper.

I can absolutely understand your point, because it did bother me too, that the map and quest log are combined in Retail. And that is, even though I do like to use the quest helper.
But the problem here would not be the quest helper itself, but rather Blizzards design choice for it.

I exactly want #NoChanges, No Questhelper map (which I care about) no LFD (Which I don not care about) No race and faction change no Dual spec for the first half of Wrath Classic, then I want it all!

Are you sure of this:

The screenshots I’v found tells me this is not the case. I can get the map separately, but not the log. But If you’re rigth, I am happy.

but Northrend and A0þ are separate continents, A0þ is to the south of Lordaeron and Northrend is far to the northwest

Yes, I confirmed it on Warmane, yesterday.

But this unfortunately doesn’t mean it will be this way in WotLK Reforged too. Because Blizzard might just implement the Retail quest helper.

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Well, thanks for trying!

But why? Why do you want stuff phased? Back in wrath they did release LFD around the second half because it wasn’t ready but I wanna bet if they had it earlier they would have released it closer to the start of wrath. The same thing with questhelper in the wow minimap.

Same with Transmog in Cata. You should have seen the forums during wrath and in early cata. People made posts daily about them wanting it, and blizz initially said no because they didn’t believe it would be something people liked. Yeah they were wrong so do you wanna make a bet about when they will implement transmog when cata classic comes out? Yeah at the start. Ofc.

That’s all this is: hindsight. It’s not about re-living wrath classic 100% exactly the way it was back then. That is impossible. The people are different, we know whats coming. Why would you want broken DK’s at the start, aside from your tired argument “because it was like that back then”.

This sword cuts both ways you know. When classic was current I never saw anyone complaining that the hakkar blood disease thing that wiped entire cities was left out of the game. Or bugs/glitches.

It just doesn’t fly. Stuff got changed for good reason. Why would they re- implement stuff they eventually didn’t like or want anymore inside the same expansion (not talking about stuff changing after a new expansion release).

For 2 reasons:

  1. #NoChanges! Blizz is messing up every time they change something.

  2. Purely egoistical reason. I’d like to actually play Wrath Classic without all the stuff that came halfways and which I did not like the first time around either.

That is absolutely baffling if you ask me.

So you admit you don’t like it when blizz changes anything because they screw it up. But adding something that was added later in the expansion is not changing anything like the chronoboon thingy in classic, it’s just moving a feature up in the timeline.

Your nr 2 reason you say you don’t like all the stuff they added during the expansion, so why play it? It’s part of the expansion. You contradict yourself all the time by saying this.

As for 'mogging and Cata. Cata is not Classic I won’t play it.
And mogging is if anyhing the apotheosis of “you think you do - but (we’ll prove that) you don’t.”
You can’t really have fun it it. Mail only mogs with mail, you can’t mog grey or white items etc … a zillion hopeless limitations. Why put artificial limitations like this in a fantasy game?
I was not in the forums then, I was busy having family and playing. But I was bitter over the stupidity of these livmitations.

I think it strange to compare fixing of bugs to the implementing of new features.
I would for one would have been happy to experience the Hakkar blood disease bug - as I was not yet playing when it happened. Same for the bugged ships and Captain Placeolder - I really looked forward to reliving Vanilla as it was …

It was added DURING the expansion - and should be so again!
This would give me some time to play without it and let you have something to look forward to. No contradiction in this. You saying it was added during => should be there at start is more of a contradiction.