Burning Crusade Classic Season 2 Ends 12 January

It’s time for one last push with your Arena team to see who will rise to the top of the leaderboards. Arena teams will have two weeks to do their best work before the Burning Crusade PvP Season 2 becomes history on January 12, 2022.

Burning Crusade Classic PvP Season 3 and Phase 3 of Burning Crusade Classic Content will arrive at a later date in early 2022. Stay tuned to the official site and the forums for more information.


Great, dont “forget” to reply in the free character transfer topic! Merry xmas


Who gives a crap. Fix your dead servers.


Okay, so this means Black Temple and Hyjal on 19th ot 26th January. Good to know.

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we are waiting for notification on the ru forum



Same as at the end of season 1, there is gonna be an off-season period to buy S2 arena set on discount, before season 3 & arena points reset?


You gonna confirm the “offseason” or nah


Really, is this the best statement you can do? Do you realize players need to plan their team, their games, their points?

  • no mailing, no use of the Launcher board, no info on the site, no in-game mail
  • only 2 weeks time of advise over such a major milestone of the game
  • no further information on how the arena points are going to be used, effective last day to obtain or to spend points

To be honest this communication from a firm like Blizzard is almsot embarassing.


How is gonna PvP gear be treated during preseason? S2 items will be cheaper with no rating requirement? Or S1 items will be cheaper?


Seem people have lot of question.

  • About preaseason/if there’s S2 reduction in off-season period before arena points are reset ? Not really needed, but can help casual and new players to catchup a bit because honestly TBC is a bit rough for PvP newcomers.
  • About when S3 start and when BT/Hyjal is release, or at last some information if PTR is going to be restart before the release ?
  • About dead server / free transfert from dead server / merge server ?

Reminder that TBC servers still need fixing. I currently have 7 characters stuck on an unbalanced realm (Earthshaker EU) Horde side with noone to play with. Let me transfer them so I can actually play the game.

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Just pay, as we all did.


Is there an off season to buy discounted S2 gear or not?


How about opening more transfers for servers that are 1 faction dead ? Or in glorius wisdom of ABK geting 1 payed transfer is worth more that several subs ?

I did, regretfully. I’m not paying another £200 to this despicable, penny-pinching company to move my alts off an unplayable server.


u see everyone wants to know about s2 gear discounts in off season, just say if u gonna do it or no, its maximum 1 and a half sentence to type.


Please Kaivax, can you just formally confirm that there will be a one/two week break between seasons in which you can still use this season’s Arena Points? Many here are asking the same, because it really matters. It will calm our fragile nerves, so please.


Two weeks notice is absolutely not enough for such a big milestone. Please can you put the discount in again this off-season.


HELLO?? Can we get some CONFIRMATIONS for off season?

It takes 30 SECONDS to reply to the community, yet you don’t have 30 seconds within 24 hours within weeks, months and years


no, with the topic above, a friend of kaivax said that the off-season with the action will not work. Unfortunately