Bursting. How much damage?

(Psjohly) #1

So, is bursting 5% total like the ingame tooltip says, and wowhead? Or is it 14% like this blue says? (and buffed from 10%?? thought it was 5% in Bfa and 10% in legion)

Bursting fails!
(Gratna) #2

Wouldn’t suprise me, u could ignore the affix completly with a holy priest.

(Psjohly) #3

Let’s assume I made this topic after an… interesting Motherlode 8 :sweat_smile:

(Gratna) #4

Some dungeons are harder than others. But going from 5% to 14% seems like a little overkill.

(Xartim) #5

Nothing as bursting and quaking.

Wanna drink?

good luck :rofl:

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