Can scroll wheel target tricks get you banned?

Various mouses have forms of what’s called hyper fast scrolling, which either allow the mouse wheel to spin freely if it has 2 settings, or allow you to push to wheel to the side which will send scroll down commands in some cases as often as 1000 times a second.

These simple tricks built into many gaming mouses allow for some insanely fast mob tagging, if combined with a macro to target the nearest hive mob, then cast an instant spell at it.

Someone in my guild believes these tricks even if built into most gaming mouses can get you banned, as it’s impossible for a human to click 1000 times a second. With blizzard taking a very hard line on botting, i wondered if i could get a more definitive answer on if using hyper fast scrolling in wow classic is acceptable?

If the scrolling/clicking is automated then it’s absolutely not allowed. But if you physically move the scroll wheel to spam a in-game target/cast macro then it’s allowed.

bots; i.e. any code and/or software, not expressly authorized by Blizzard, that allows the automated control of a Game, or any other feature of the Platform, e.g. the automated control of a character in a Game;

So i would take that to mean i’m in the clear to use hyper scroll as much as i like?

Physical options like free scrolling mouse wheels should be fine. Pushing the wheel to the side and getting 1000 clicks per second sounds like an option enabled by software, and is not allowed.

It won’t actually make a difference, you would still be limited by the GCD, you could press a key 2 times or 200000 times a second only one GCD will go through per time.

That being said it wouldn’t speed up your tagging one bit more so than spamming tab and “2” non stop.

The whole point is to tag mobs. The GCD doesn’t matter for that. And no, you won’t be able to spam tab and your abilities on your keyboard as fast as you scroll your mousewheel bound to a macro. You may get lucky 1 out of 10 or 20 times, but you’ll be wasting your time against anyone with a mousewheel macro if you are both camping the same spawn.

Scrolling is also significantly less tiring than spamming your keyboard when you do it for hours at a time.

If you have to wonder if it’s an exploit that can get you banned no less it probably is and you should not do it.

I don’t see why using the in-game option of binding a button on your action bar to your scrollwheel and and then scrolling away would be considered an exploit though.
Sure it’s something entirely different if you’re using some kinda auto-clicker thing or other such actually automated nonsense.

If one tries to spam something like fireblast, or moonfire without a target it won’t fire. It will say out of range if target is out of range, or you have no target if you have no target. So your gcd is never up when a mob spawns, so yes it makes a huge difference. Please don’t talk about things you have no understanding of

I was more referring to people who use that system to farm multi mobs rather than once off trying to catch a spawn before other people… and you know what that’s great because it doesn’t matter how much he spams if his latency is higher than the person competing with him he won’t get it.

But you know what; nice hostility there! Something up dude? Mother tell you to get out of her basement? Looked in the mirror remembered how pathetic you are and decided to try and insult a random stranger online to relive some of your frustrations? Seek help my dude. Seek help.

I think it was blatantly obvious that this was in reference to competition locking down a hive, not roaming around

At no point in your opening post does it mention a hive, it asks about using a mouse wheel to tag mobs.
And to answer more succinctly; if you free spin your wheel with the frictionless system it’s allowed.
If you mouse wheel sends a non stop chain of inputs from outside of wow from one spin it’s not allowed.
One input; one action is the blizz ruling. Which is why programable keyboards which have “timed” macros will get you a ban. Versus setting up a timed macro within wow itself; which is fine.
Therefore if you have
/target xyz
/cast instantspell
Bound to your mousewheel down and you keep manually spinning that wheel… game on it’s allowed.
If you have the same macro bound to mousewheel Down and you set your mouse to “constant spin” or “non stop spin” where one spin toggles a “on” function until such time as you cancel it; that’s not allowed and will be banned.