Can we have an expansion to Classic? Also Classic remake

‘What this guy is talking about we already have TBC and Retail’

Well thats not what I meant. I want expansion for Classic, that means more zones (areas to the right and left of Burning Steppes appears like something should be there but isnt. Timbermaw raid, whatever was unfinished in SW etc. In other words few more zones, few more dungeons and raids, some daily quests.

Aside from that I would also go ahead and propse few changes that community would welcome.

Redo WoW Classic on brand new engine which exceeds Retail. Classic still looks good after almost 20 years dont get me wrong but again its 2023 surely we could have it brought in line with todays graphics.

Buff certain classes specs and professions. Most people jump for that OG fury war but ret pally nowhere to be seen, while 20 warriors in raid can be exciting to see a little bit more variety to raid comp would be welcome so then you have more people enjoying they playstyle. Engineering again the OG profession.

Dual spec would also be welcome as swapping between healing and dps could be helpful when leveling and looking for groups and very convenient QoL improvement.

Daily quests and gold sink. As other people mention its hard to make gold the longer game goes so those dailies would help a lot.

And thats it. No changes that will alter the soul of Vanilla Classic.

I think it would be quite easy to add few more things to existing classic as it is clear community loves classic for its simplicity yet high learning curve. There is a lot to do in WoW as it is dont get me wrong but I really think most of us just want to get lost for years and years to come in classic so why not gives us more stuff to do.


So Classic ++

Well, it’s not going to happen.

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New engine = new graphics + animations. That’s more work than release a new expansion.

The modern company could in no way provide a satisfying, real expansion to classic cause they are completely tone deaf and only give attention to the screams of adult crybullies.

This is made crystal clear when you see how they cater to the mentally unstable by adding Chronoboons or Summoning Stones (SOM) to Classic.


Ehm, they didnt add summoning stones to Classic. Only SoM, which is not Classic.

Thats exactly what i said


and yes is a sentence!

No, you said they added them to Classic. They didnt.

SOM is by most considered a version of Classic. I literally put “(SOM)” behind the summoning stone part.

My goodness. Every normal person understands what i meant.

You know you could just not be weird and make me reply for something obvious, creep.


God people are huffing that copium. A classic+ will never ever happen. The best you will get is some QoL changes and some health/mechanic changes to bosses.

On one side, I really love the unfinished good old classic that we have. Old world is amazing.
On the other side, I would also love Classic + with QoL changes, like RDF, HC dungeon versions, Achievements and some more endgame crafting. Basically, stuck in old world with WOTLK client.

But what you expect will never be delivered. Activision wants quick and easy money. This is not it.

Also, if you expect anything “new” to be added into Classic, even if they would actually do it, it would not be done by the old Blizzard WoW team. So you can expect little quality, something around retail, but also underfunded.

You see what they are doing already - boosts, shop mounts, pets.

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You’re the targeted audience then because all you do is complaining like a 15yo teenager.

Not when you say “they changed Classic”. They didn’t change classic - they added it to SOM.

It might seem like a subtle difference, but the meaning is not when you put it into Classic context as you just did: Classic is still #NoChanges (well, more or less). TBC and SOM was #SomeChanges. And WotLK? Not gonna beat that horse again …

There is no way I’d trust the current crop of devs to create something good out of Classic+. It would be an unadulterated shower of shti, I’m afraid!

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You know the only reason classic is big is for the sake of how it was when the elites made the game. Its raw, unfair and freaking fun. Make mods and people will stop playing.

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I never said I want Classic +

I said I want remake with few changes here and there. I know Classic + or Classic ++++ never happens.

But since every single company out there remaking games Blizz might as well remake original Classic. I dont understand people perception of Classic as part of WoW as a whole with all other expansions.

No. Classic can be standalone game on its own, its playable and dont need no expansions to play. Just few tweaks here and there like I said and game can be played for years and years to come.

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