Can we see Wow on PS5?


I mean the new console will have 4 times more juice than current one.

just imagine playing raids with ultra settings enabled on your 4k TV, obviously with keyboard and mouse. If other MMOs can why can’t we?

However it will cost around 1k Euro and due to release around February ( You can prepurchase it in Sweden for 9999 KR )


Why not just plug your PC in to a 4k TV :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Consoles have one major feature over PC - they are almost cheat free.
And cheating/botting in games other than wow is kinda convincing me to move onto PS5 too.

But I am against it, WoW should stay where it is, that is PC.
If they ever wanna release newer MMORPG feel free to release it as cross-platform (FFXIV can do it, so why not Blizzard?), but leave WoW where it is.


khe khe multiboxing as well ^^

that’s the idea I suggested. not console only obviously.

are you mathematically challenged?
can you count?


Sorry that caught me off guard…

F–king wot?


ok, I 'll help you

go and calculate the cost of PC to play raids on ultra setting on 4k TV.
then compare it to 1k Euro.

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It’s not the week end yet.


Do you realize why is that right? Because wow is CPU hungry, not GPU hungry. So unless that PS5 will get equivalent of 1k euro processor, you ain’t gonna see raids in 4k either.


With a reported benchmark score of over 20,000 for the PlayStation 5’s Gonzalo, the next-generation console will be four times more powerful than the non-Pro version of its predecessor


My R7 2700x can play wow in 4k and still hit over the hundreds, this game is old boys, you don’t need a PS5 to play it.


exactly, ps5 will have enough CPU, but what is stunning it will have a GPU power of top kek Videocard and all of it for its very moderate price.

Notebook Check then compared the PlayStation 5’s benchmark score with that of NVIDIA’s [GeForce RTX 2070], which scored about 22,170 in 3DMark Fire Strike. Without a specific score, it would not be possible to make a direct comparison between the two, but getting the performance of Sony’s next-generation console within the vicinity of the RTX 2070 and PC gaming is already a feat in itself.


Me ,after reading the header.


His PC turned into a MAC then turned into a printer. :thinking:


she is a casual “Omegalul” memer, i can play along.

F for Violetta`s PC


It doesn’t matter how powerful your GPU is. Again, wow is CPU hungry not GPU.

With powerful CPU and garbage GPU you would still be able to play it on 4k. Which usually isn’t the case with consoles.


R7 2700x is a processor, hello there :blush:
we dont now exact specs for now, but presumably it will be anough, given there is no engine updates, only graphical updates leaked ( unconfirmed though )




Yeah and he listed $240 processor, thats ~200euro which is 1/5 of price of PS5.

800 Euro PC could play it on 4k


i can only quote the Ancient greek memer from post above and say:
Omegalul go try that :grin:

ultra settings, raid, 4K. dont limit yourself to just part of my OP


No need to, I had pc that costs this much - until i upgraded ram and GPU. Funny thing is I also have 7 2700X CPU:

You are also delusional thinking you would be able to raid on ultra 4k with ps5.