Can we see Wow on PS5?


While this might be true, it is not related to this topic :smile:

I will go even further and say the GCD change was to make it more console friendly for future comparability.

Yet classic skeleton is build on legion, pre GCD change rails.


Come on:

Plus this:


They can add keyboard for PS5, exclusive one with WoW logo and a huge cut from sales to Bobby’s pocket.

Ofc I don’t see WoW on controller as a fun way of playing. I am not that delusional :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Is a PS5 some kind of new phone?

If not I wouldn’t hold your breath.


indeed, its just a big smartphone.
So you see why this is a very probable future for us :wink:

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It’s in time like this that I miss the old forums’ dislike button. :-1:

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This is the first time I’ve seen anyone wanna buy a console for the performance and the graphics :thinking:

Consoles have like 2 meter render distance, that’s how they don’t explode with high graphic settings, that’d be fun in wow.


not 300 dollars console, 1k Euro console.

I think the best way to predict how bold devs will be with retail is how actually sustainable success of the Classic will be.

if “You think You do, but you dont” will be proven right by low subs for Classic in a half of the year, there is no reason for them not to ignore forums and Reddit and go ham to compete with other mmos which are growing on consoles.

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It’d be interesting to see WoW on console but the game is old enough to be on ps2 so it’d be a risky move.

The combat especially is like watching paint dry compared to other MMOs, at least visually so I would hope they’d do a special edition or something with more visually impressive gameplay if they went down the console route.


My wild guess only retail can be adapted to console,but with keyboard and mouse.

Classic should only be where it was. Noone gonna play it on PS5 ever.

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I think the main issue with releasing WoW on console today or in the future is that they have so much work not just porting it over but the story makes absolutely no sense anymore.

It’d be crazy to spend so many resources trying to push into a new market with a game that has more plot holes than a swiss cheese. Who knows maybe blizz wanting WoW on console will be the thing that cleans up the story, that’d be nice.

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WoW gaming engine are old and outdated. They are not supported on consoles due to this reason. To make WoW on PS5, the game needs to be overhauled using the latest gaming engine like UE4, to be competitive and supportive for future gaming console releases.


Oh, wow, maaan. Time has not been kind to you :sweat_smile:
But the hat is top notch :+1:t6:

They have plently of time. And an army of work for experience trainees to brainstorm it.

Why try to stick to such a demanding and unforgiving market, polluted with both PC and anti PC clashes when you can get your foot in the door of growing Asian console MMO?


Imagine what Sony would do


A PS4 allready can run wow, and the wont ever use the unreal engine because the unreal engine 4 cant handle the type of MMO WoW is.


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Hardware power is not the biggest issue; the PS5 would have plenty of GPU/CPU/IO for running WoW. The bigger issues are:

  • Controller input. Some classes in WoW use 20+ skills/spells (e.g. druids) . You couldn’t play those classes with a PlayStation controller. Blizzard would need to completely overhaul every class in the game and give them a number of skills/spells that can be comfortably mapped to a controller. Diablo 3 works well on consoles because you only get to use 4 skills. Can you imagine every class/spec in WoW being reduced to 4 skills?

  • Player communication. Lots of players don’t like voice communication, so text chat is still what an MMO needs. You can’t type messages quickly with a controller. If the console version of WoW would require a keyboard in addition to a controller, it would be way too uncomfortable to play.


I dont know any druid class that uses 20 active skills o.o

  • that would be absolete in the sence that you could easely make L2/R2 the button that controlls 4 spells followed by pressing x square triangle and circle… XD just an idea… not an compelte overhaul really.

Many games nowadays have sucho options. Even Monster Hunter.


So, let me get this right, you want WoW on a PS5, which will cost 1k Euro’s, then you want us to buy an extra keyboard, an extra mouse, just so we can do what can be done on a PC and a decent monitor now?

No thanks think i’ll pass.