Can you Ban ppl for leaving M+ ?


Today we wanted to do M+ 10 Tol Dagor with my Guild and we needed a Tank. So we found one and we started dung. After first boss our heal got DC and tank left the group. My question is: can blizzard give debuff for 1 week that when you leave the instance you can’t get the loot or something like that ? I know you can say , So do the instance full guild group’’ but sometimes there is no tank’s because not so many ppl want to play as tank. For example in CS GO if you want to start ranking match you have the information that if you leave u will get banned because waste your time and time of your teammates. P.S tank knew that he got dc


Short answer - no.
Reasons…the classical ones. “The risk of pugging”. “Do it with friends and guildies”… all that cr…
On phone so will type short. Somebody bellow me will no doubt re-write the “Standart m+ leave reasons and why it shouldn’t be punishable”.


I’ll do it. In one stream they actually explained why they don’t want to do the ban. They said it would be too harsh for those who have to leave for some emergency or because if technical problem (disc etc.). Something like that.


Ok and that’s why i choose the example of CS GO. Even if you had problem with conection or something like that, u will get ban anyway cuz it is in your intetion to don’t let it happend


I know its taken from a stream but Technical reasons are traceable ,though. In case of an emergency they just could add like an option for it, lets say if its a one time leave they get flagged but not punished, if they do it constantly the get a punishment for it. I dont know, but grinding keys just for people to deplete the one you really need , isnt fair t all either.


Hey, i just answered question OP asked. Don’t pull me on this conversation i am not interested in arguing about it.:rofl: Just wanted to be helpfull and tell what devs have been saying about it, that’s all.


What o.o Mate. I dont argue with you . Thats why i said “i know its taken from a stream”. ^^ my response wasnt meant personal, rather than a comment on the information given by the Devs^^


Hey i didn’t mean my post to sound rude! I was just friendlily trying to tell i am now backing out from this thread cause i just popped in to tell that reply and this mythic thing does not really concern me. I did not mean i am not interested to talk with you people but more like, i am not best person to have a chat on this subject.:hugs:

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This has to be one of the stupidest comments I’ve seen.

According to you I’m to be held responsible if the phone company have a problem, or there’s a random power cut, or a random disconnect from Blizzard servers?

You do realise that not everything is in the hands of the user.
I’ve been watching Twitch or YouTube in the past & been disconnected from WoW, so I know 100% that it’s NOT my fault, but I should be punished for that?


I think if you leave early you should get rez sickness that only wears off with play time & call it “Weakling”, it lasts 1-2 hours


There are already punishments in-game for leaving instances so that makes no sense…


That… wow I actually like that xD


ok if you had dc or power cut you shoudn’t get banned but if you leave the group ? it’s something diffrent for me idk

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Alright I’ll just pull out my internet cord instead of leaving and come back after a few minutes when the group has disbanded.


ok so you have 5 min to return after dc then you will get ban or something like that. Seriously idk but it’s just frustrating


Yeah. Imagine how much more frustrating it’ll be to get a random DC, then not be able to enter an M+ for an entire week. I mean, talk about overkill.

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What if I join a group and we wipe 4 times on the first boss, am I supposed to have to stay for 2 hours to finish the run?

What if me and my friends want to try and time a key, we mess up, and so we decide to go out and reset to try it again on a lower level?

What if I make a group with my key and just intentionally try and ruin the run, as everyone who joined the group is trapped in there with me unless they want a ban?

Sorry to say but something like what you’re suggesting just doesn’t work.

  1. no 2 hours at least 1
  2. Group leader can decide
  3. stupid example, if there is some ppl who want to do things like that, they are just brain dead, and still you can report them for that behavior or you can vote to leave as a group

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It’s just not practical for all sorts of reasons. The idea that you could trap four others is kinda comical though :rofl:

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I started a pug run today, nothing too fancy, KR+10. We wiped before the first boss, healer issue, happens. Healer then started being a jerk, so I apologized and left. We were not going to get very far if the healer couldn’t keep my plated bottom up and I don’t stick around when people are jerks.

Should I get a debuffs or get penalised?