Can You Nerf Iron Docks Fortified adds please 😭 Mythic +

Can you nerf iron docks please the first adds hits like a truck they need to be nerfed. Like am dying and walking back in a 18 and 15 its not fun.

Like for real

[Charging Slash]
Unlimited range

Charges to a nearby enemy slashing them savagely, inflicting 2867 Physical damage every 1 sec for 6 sec.

[Chain Drag]
25 yd range
1 sec cast

Lashes out with a chain that inflicts 3345 Physical damage and pulls an enemy to the caster.

I’m standing far away I get punished by standing far away and get one shotted in one second for no reason given can you fix this dungeon its very boring broken you cant time it.

Even if you play a plate class you take way to much damage taken by that ability.

Like can you fix this dungeon already am not ranting but even me as a healer clothier i die from them just running over me. Its unfair unavoidable 35k one sec for 6 sec imagen having 6 of these bleeds on you… dead in 1 sec-

Please fix this …Thanks blizzard dev team.


yeah Its overtune even i as a warrior die.

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Yep :frowning: sucks

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Terrible dungeon

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I didn’t notice any such problems when I did it earlier and we even pulled big at the start and used lust.

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Sucks. this dungeon is terrible at the start those adds cleave like insane.

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Actually, my clear yesterday was relatively smooth and timed (was a 14 I believe).

The start of the dungeon is indeed a bit rough however, we had deaths left and right, but is at least a short run back.

It’s mostly a matter of skill otherwise, so a good group will breeze through the rest :slightly_smiling_face:

Like there is no way avoiding that charge it just smashes you down to 10%

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Yeah thrash change tactic worse for a cloth cant they make it so you see were they charge .

yep the charge does to much dmg and the aoe is a bit to much.

260 damage per second doesn’t sound too bad.

Yeah as a clothie that on 18+ fortiefied is not healable.

They hit through my necrolord shield in 1 sec and am dead. I Though they tested this for a half year…

Happend to me today to i got one shotted on my healer at the start Unlimited range needs to go away 7 of those on me then he chain drove me and i died.

No yall should suffer thats why it was upvoted

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You’re not wrong though :smiley:

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What has a vote to do with tuning. Iron docks and grimrail are super fun and fast dungeons

It’ll be fine by ilvl 300 tbh. There’s no reason anyone should expect to be cruising through 18s on week 2 of a new season :smile_cat:

Although it is annoying that this trash seems more challenging than, say, Junkyard trash. Tuning is very inconsistent this season.

true but there is no other dungeon where you can get like 30 % of trash count without doing any dps if you have tank and 1 other person who knows what they are doing on iron stars .

OTOH, if you don’t do those then you finish the last boss with 70%. It’s designed around players knowing how the stars work :smiley_cat:

But if im doing 18s now i expect myself doing way more with 300+ilvl few weeks later .
So it will still be same , more gear kn higher key , it will feel same