Cannot login into battle net

It says " We couldnt log you into battle net…"


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I suddenly was thrown out of the game. Now I can’t even open battle net. When I try to check account settings it give me a blank site with a short notice eternal server error

I can’t even open B-Net. When I bypass it to log straight into WoW, it just logs me straight out…

“You have been disconnected. (BLZ51901016)”.

Can’t connect to app, either.

can’t get in either

Same problem.

Wanted to switch to another character, but got disconnected.

Getting “You have been disconnected. (BLZ51901016)” now every time I try to log in again

I have the same problem. Noticed it first when I wanted to start new missions from the mobile app, it said I couldn’t log. I opened wow on my pc but I get the same error (BLZ51901016). Tried restarting the app but can’t even open it now.

same here.
After log out i cannot have the launcher opening on screen. he stays on tray bar

Same here


We are currently investigating reports of login issues. Apologies for any inconvenience caused.



SAme here BLZ51901016

Can’t login either, can’t even start WC3 Reforged offline. The Play Offline button is greyed out. Can’t do much at all, except stare at the launcher.

Can’t get into app, it looks like its open but can’t click it, if i goes direct to wow instant dc.

Yep same here, something wrong Blues?

I can’t open the app at all.

Same problem here.

Same problem

i cant login to wow (BLZ51901016 error) it immediately disconnects me.

Couldn’t pop up launcher from taskbar, now I’m in but still laggy. Yesterday got a bunch of DCs, “character not found” for half an hour and today this. Blizz get this resolved!