Can't play 2 specs in shadowlands (time to unsub)

hi guys,

I dont know much about Shadowlands systems and how they will play out.

Will I be able to play arcane in pvp and frost in pve, both beening optimal or do I have to sacrifice one of them to be weaker? Can I have on covenant for frost and another for arcane and they change when I change spec etc?


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Didn’t you ask this the other day?

You are locked to one covenant regardless of spec, or the type of content you are doing. You can swap but swapping back is not easy. Your s̶o̶u̶l̶b̶i̶n̶d̶s̶/conduits can also only change once a week.

Edit to correct, soulbinds can be changed in rested areas.

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I asked about changeing convenatns yes, but now I wondering if I can change spec. So lets say I have unlocked traits for arcane in my covenant, and then I respec to frost, then I will still be locked into those same arcne traits that do nothing for frost?

Yes, unless you use generic conduits. Or have 3 different soulbinds for the different specs.

They really want us to have this meaningful RPG choice so you have to prio one covenant for one thing and make do with any off specs or other content you do where it is not the bis choice.

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What an awful system,

Last tier I was 99% logger in mythic raid and 2700+ raiting so I want to be very competitive in both PVE and PVP.

So far from beta arcane is best for pvp and frost is best for PVE. So in this expansion I have to pick if I want to be good in PVP or PVE?

That sounds like a horrific feature of this exansion. If I pick frost every good PVPer will not invite me and say arcane is better and I will not be able to get as high raiting, and in high m+/mythic guild ppl will ask the opposite if I pick arcane…


No, you will have to choose. You will only be able to be optimal in both roles if you luck out and the optimal covenant is the same. The chance of that happening is not terribly high.

even if covenant is the same, the traits inside are mostly spec specific and will not work for both specs

If the covenant is the same, you will be able to switch within it. That’s some effort, but perhaps tolerable. The real problem is that the covenant will likely not be the same.

Eh? I didn’t know that. I take back it being tolerable switching within the same covenant then. It’s even more terrible than I thought it was.


Conduits can only be changed weekly, but now I’m going to double check about soulbinds.

Edit I’m wrong they can be changed in rested areas. Will edit my post.

Thank you for picking me up on that!

Expanion awful already confirmed, cant even play 2 specs? That is a real joke, not to mention the soulbinds etc will not be good for both pvp and pve so those u would also want to change around like essence dependning if you do pvp or pve

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Honestly with the way things are looking, having one character for each spec is looking more and more optimal :laughing:

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Soulbind can be switched at will, but only in the covenant place.

Good, back to it being somewhat tolerable if you luck out and all your desired specs and roles in those specs share the same covenant. At least something.

On that - I checked and I personally am not lucky, I need different covenants. Well.

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Edit - Actually Wow Blog says different:-

Swapping Soulbinds

You can choose between Soulbinds in rested areas or with a Tome of the Clear Mind or Codex of the Clear Mind to vary your play style for the battle ahead. Soulbind traits and Conduits can only be changed at the Forge of Bonds, located inside your Covenant Sanctum.10 Jul 2020

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So lets just help me out:

I want the best gear for pvp that is the main thing I care about. This will most likely come from the mythic raid like this tier.

So I will have to apply to a guild and say, hey guys I play arcane that do far less dmg than frost, and also all my soulbinds and covenent picks are for pvp . Overall my spec and covenent result in 20% less damage than someone who only choice for PVE.

Can I join you guys or maybe take a spot in your roaster competing with full PVE mages with right specs and right covenent?

Should I ask them to carry me for free?

There is a small chance they will wake up and add a PVP stat making PVP gear best for PVP. Because of the recent discussions - there is a blue saying that they will try to think of ways to make PVP vendors better and they mention PVP stat as being kind of maybe on the table.

That’s a really, really tiny chance though.

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As a concept could have been fine, except is the opposite of what people can and have to do.
It’s no fun going weaker into pvp just because you main tank.

Blizz for god sake, start play your own game.

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