Can't transmog my weapon after changing covenants

I got the weapon from Denathrius, handed it into the Kyrian for Xandira’s kopis of courage. Transmog worked fine, I was able to transmog into the legion artifact apperance. After changing my covenant I can no longer transmog this weapon into any other apperance.


I have the exact same problem.
My weapon now look like sh*t.

Yup same issue, exactly the same, got huntsman weapon, traded it to my kyrian vendor. Then I swapped to night fae, now its impossible to transmog it again, press “accept” and nothing happens over and over. Now i have to use “no appearance” and physically can’t change it.

< my character.

Same here, regarding my entire set. I just swapped from Necrolord to Kryian and the whole transmog UI is broken. Most sets and items will not transmog. I even swapped off my old gear for lower ilevel crafted gear and I couldn’t transmog over it. Only now wearing the heritage set as that is one of few sets I was able to overwrite with

Hey all,

There is an issue at the moment where any item with a covenant-specific appearance can no longer be transmogged if you change away from the covenant you were in when you first obtained it.

There is a support article up about it here in case you want to keep an eye on it for future updates:

Apologies for the confusion and hopefully it can be addressed soon so you can display your allegiance to your new covenants in appearance as well as in action!


A month later and still no fix? :joy: :grimacing:


Havent they always said that covenant specific mogs is covenant locked, just like their mounts. What I found on wowhead.

Once you’ve completed the switch, you won’t have access to your old Covenant sanctums, or any Covenant-specific transmogs, pets, or mounts associated with former covenants. So, for example, if you go from Night Fae to Kyrian, your Night Fae-only cosmetics, mounts, pets, and Sanctum would not be accessible to you. If you then switch back to Night Fae, you’d lose your Kyrian perks and regain the ones from Night Fae you’d earned previously.

Still broken.
Blizzard ?

Its not broken, you are not meant to be able to use other covenant stuff once changing to another.

no. i literally cant transmog anything from classic up to shadowlands.


u don’t get the issue. Ur weapon, once changed covenant, can be used and will have transmog on it. But if u wanna transmog it to ANYTHING else, from classic to SL, u click the button, the transmog sfx plays, and nothing happens.

clearly a bug, u don’t click a button that’s clickable and hear the sounds for it, and nothing happens. If u don’t have the issue then shut, don’t be a smartass telling people everything is fine just because u didn’t encounter the trouble.


Are u even trying to fix it (coz it’s known since one month) ? or u’re like “dont care about transmog, we have enough bug to fix on SL”.

PS : not even talking bout ret in arena :wink:

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i think there’s like a post aboutt this on US forum, that people just keep bumping it up every now and then to keep blz’s attention.

The thing is like 40+ posts or sth and 0 blue reply yet.

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There is tons of disturbing little bugs and they dont care anyway xD

exactly, they must be busy thinking why community exploded over convoke change.

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Well , its going worse and worse ; im just gonna enjoy farming my tmogs and mounts & watch the game burning like teldrassil from a distance :slight_smile:


Ssizzle on the US forum found a workaround and IT WORKS!!

I found a work around to fix this, just remove an enchant at the same time of selecting new mog. Explained below :

Revert your original covenant weapon back to no xmog, no enchant.

  1. Select enchant (Beastslaying)
  2. Hit Apply.
  3. Click revert enchant, then select new xmog.
  4. Hit Apply.

Worked for me.

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Hey, this worked for me aswell. Thanks!

Doesn’t work for me, by “clck revert enchant, then select new xmog”, would you expend what that means?

oh it worked!

  1. has to be in main hand to apply transmog
  2. can’t transmog to any appearance that has predefined enchant (that u can’t further apply enchant).
    in that sense can’t put my dagger on back anymore, but still a lot better than before.