Cataclysm and removed final quest chain of Vashj'ir

Do you think Blizzard will be able to or will they restore the original concept for the finale of the questline in the Vashj’ir location? I’ve heard that it was supposed to have an epic and interesting ending, but it ended up as ‘go kill nags.’ I’ve never played Cataclysm, but I would really like it if, during the development of Cataclysm Classic, the developers made an effort to restore what they wanted or couldn’t do at the time. I also understand that since the development of Cataclysm Classic, few of the old developers remain, but perhaps there are some preserved data somewhere about various unrealized things. And I also understand that most likely the development team for Wotlk Classic-Cataclysm Classic is currently busy with bug fixes for the upcoming phases (ICC, Ruby Sanctum), PvP, and various other matters, as well as fixes for bugs within the Cataclysm expansion. Perhaps they could bring back some deleted NPCs, quests, and other things that may be unknown to us. Of course, it’s unlikely that a community manager or someone from Blizzard’s development team will read this, but it would be amazing.




agreed !!!


Isnt that the water-zone? The zone that got ENORMOUS hate from basically the entire community. It was an awful zone to level in and in the end i think “everyone” went to MH instead. They never did a water zone after that afaik.

Unless im confusing that zone with something else:P

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I enjoyed the zone when I played through it actually. Although the sense of underwater range and proximity was horrendous for melees in particular.

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The quest line you’re thinking of was supposed to lead into another raid, which was completely scrapped.

No, I don’t think Blizzard will add it this time around either.

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This is the quest that he is talking about :
https ://www. youtube. com/watch?v=2Md6IBiT6XI

This was also cut (the entrance to the zone) :
https ://www. youtube. com/watch?v=oy1X80gEWt4

They basically cut anything that related to the submarine , which is basically the centerpiece of the zone . You ride a submarine to explore the sea .
It had something to do with bugs where things wouldn’t start or complete normally , so they just went “whatever” and cut it .

I for one love this zone and it is one of my favorite . It is not generic “hunt” the bears type and is very epic .

The hate that it got is because of "poor spatial awareness " that people supposedly have , who are unable to perceive anything in more than 2 dimensions . I can’t find the mobs > well look up or down maybe instead of just left or right .
The bugs with the above 2 quests also did not add help either .

Still it should be fixed and released originally without cuts as these are fairly epic moments .




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I actually quite liked the underwater zone, once you got the mount, especially huge creature you go inside.


It was one of the two Cata zones I actually enjoyed, the other being Deepholme. vash’jir did outstay it’s welcome a little though, at least in my opinion. I could have stood for it being about half it’s current length.

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I like most of that, i can skip out on gdkp but the rest of it is fine! I dont want to wait for a slacker like you to walk youre dog, take a 15 min sh*t and make sandwiches during my dungeon runs.

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As opposed to Wrath where noone is doing this? lol


Hahahahahahahahahahaha. No, it’s effort and they don’t want to spare any.

It is a great level zone. Ppl just have their brains turned off as soon as it is “water” instead of “air”. It is a flying zone and ppl can not grasp it.

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I remember it being the most memorable of cata zones and I liked it quite a bit. Surely more than “a hill”, “a cave”, “a grassland” or “a desert with indiana jones”
However, I can see how it might have outstayed it’s welcome with the melee classes in particular.
The fact they did nothing with Neptulon though is quite annoying, we get to interact in one way or another with all the other elemental lords. And I don’t see them fixing it this time around.

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Course u dont ur some 15 year old with ADHD

How to see someone doesn’t play retail and don’t know what they’re talking about.

Sure sure we get it, you hate retail/don’t like it/would never play it blah blah, but if you believe retail, which is still the more populated version, is solely about raidlogging you have no clue :slight_smile: GDKP doesn’t even exist there. Boosts for gold, sure, loads of that, but no GDKP’s.

Classic Wrath: yes, absolutely. Metaslaves and zergers everywhere. Is that a wrong playstyle? Nah whatever floats your boat. Classic era? No clue tbh, I do know GDKP’s have resurfaced on era servers, bots too.

On topic out of respect for OP: who knows. At this point everything is possible if you look how they changed wrath.

“loot for gold”.
you are a bit slow aren’t ya mate.
who? mentioned gdkps?
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You did when you edited Nadra’s quote to say ‘WoW’ instead of ‘Cata’.

Sure, totally the same thing /s :smiley: Part 2 of 'I don’t know what I’m talking about but I like to be snide to everyone on the forums"

you go to raid, you pay gold, you get loot. pushes RMT just as much as gdkp but the name is different so it must be fine.