Cataclysm Classic Launch Notes - Updated June 4

The Cataclysm Classic pre-patch is coming to an end with the launch of Cataclysm Classic on Monday, May 20 at 23:59 CEST, and we’d like to share some notes on aspects of the expansion that players will want to know.

World Bosses

Poseidus, Mobus, Garr, Xariona, Akma’hat, and Julak-Doom will first begin spawning with the weekly reset the week of June 4. They’ll begin to appear alongside the Baradin Hold raid and its first boss, Argaloth.

Except Poseidus, who drops a mount, world bosses will drop item-level 346 pieces of unique gear alongside a recipe and a random iLvl 359 bind-on-equip epic. These bosses will eventually drop their item-level 359 unique gear when Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman unlock.

Chaos Orbs

In the Cataclysm Classic Beta, Chaos Orbs were Bind on Equip. They will be Bind on Pickup in Cataclysm Classic, just as they were in original Cataclysm.

Heroic Raids

In original Cataclysm, access to attempt Heroic Raids required first completing them on Normal difficulty. This is not the case in Cataclysm Classic – you can go straight into Heroic raiding.

PvP Availability and Rewards

In Cataclysm Classic PvP, the weekly caps for Valor and the seasonal cap for Conquest have been increased by roughly 60%. The rewards granted for certain activities have been adjusted:

  • The weekly cap for Valor is now 1600.
  • The initial cap for Conquest Points is now 4000 and increases by 4000 every week throughout the season.
  • The Random Cataclysm Heroic reward is 240 Valor Points.

Please note: Valor will not be earnable between the launch of Cataclysm and the first weekly reset in each region. Conquest will become available starting with the second weekly reset on May 28, with the launch of the first Cataclysm PvP season.

In Cataclysm Classic, 2v2 and 5v5 will no longer be eligible brackets for earning Gladiator titles or rewards. In the 2v2 and 5v5 brackets, you will be able to earn non-Gladiator titles and Conquest.

PvP Item Transmogs

Rather than utilize the Replica PvP Vendors that were originally added in patch 4.3.0, we’re changing all of the original WoW Classic (Era) PvP gear to be usable as transmog appearances.

All of these pieces of armor have been and will continue to be available from the Legacy Armor and Legacy Weapon Quartermasters in both the Champion’s Hall in Stormwind and the Hall of Legends in Orgrimmar.

Getting to Vashj’ir

To alleviate potential congestion issues, on launch day we’ve removed a few of the questing prerequisites to use the portal to Vashj’ir that can be found at the Western Earthshrine in the Valley of Wisdom in Orgrimmar and The Eastern Earthshrine near the Stormwind Keep in Stormwind.

Baradin Hold Lockouts

Added June 4, 2024

In this first phase of Cataclysm Classic, Baradin Hold allows players to complete both the 10-player and the 25-player versions of the raid each week. There is not a shared weekly lockout between the two versions of the raid.


Thanks for killing pvp arena, which was the most played and popular format. Almost as if your team deliberately noticed this in Wrath and decided to change it, but I guess its better to kill off arena all together lmao.

How can you view 2v2 being that overwhelmingly popular, and then decide to kill it again?

As someone that played Classic almost exclusively for the 2v2 experience with a friend, reliving the fun days of pvp, this probably means byebye.


Because RBG’s where a thing back then🙄

I can’t agree more. I can’t help but wonder if the developers even listen to the community. I’ve been posting extensively on the forums about the ridiculous changes they made to Fury Warriors, which have completely ruined the spec. These changes are just adding more reasons to consider quitting the game altogether.


why kill the arena, it was already difficult to find a teammate in 2v2, and now you just killed part of the game, I’m on full tilt BLIZZARD WHY???you could just remove the rank from 5-5 and all… but kill the only living bracket SO TILT


2v2 is a Joke to get gladiator, 3v3 is the only real competitive mode, good decision


Yeah, as evident by how much of a joke it has been in tbc, wrath and anyone familiar with Cata knows, that 3v3 was a ridiculous meta fest of overtuned classes.

At least 2v2 had tons of variety with lots of viable classes and comps. But lets trade all that in for 2-3 meta comps over and over again.

There is a reason why that bracket has been dead all classic. Nobody wants to play 3v3, not competitive.


Terrible decision, you guys are just clueless


2v2 is the most unbalanced bracket in every expantion lol. We saw how balanced 2v2 was in Tbc…2v2 is a fun bracket


As evident by everyone preferring to play that and 3v3 being completely dead… At least have some awareness why everyone is playing 2v2 instead.

Killing 2v2 won’t bring 3v3 to life. Nobody wants to play that slob. Its just gonna kill arena all together and stop giving people a reason to play classic, if you’re in there for pvp.


Hey developers,

Can you imagine the percentage of players coming from private servers? The community isn’t large enough to frequently support 3v3 or even RBGs. The most searched and played arenas are usually 2v2. So, what is the reason behind this change? Are you saying that a percentage of players now can’t reach these titles because they don’t play 3v3? Why does it have to be excluded? Are you going to force them into 3v3 like you forced all Fury Warriors to go Arms even in PvE?

You are putting all Fury Warrior players at risk of being declined for serious raid progression from the beginning to the end of the expansion. It’s not just an insult to PvP players seeing Fury try to compete, but now we are being harassed even in the PvE world. This is because you decided to blindly nerf the overall mastery rating for Fury Warriors, ignoring the fact that the spec is the hardest to gear up and the most gear-dependent spec in the game to achieve its top-tier melee DPS potential.

Please reconsider and address this issue.


Thx blizz for killing 2s, now ial just wont play arena, it was allready not that easy to force atleast 1 friend to gear up char for 2s.


Why is Poseidus being included in the list of “World Bosses”? He’s a level 81 elite with like 50k health.

How mate? You still make if out of top 3 pvp classes that are also played in 2v2? Meta is the same, the pvp logic and kill priorities of spec are same… What does support your logic of this being a fact? Just because you have two available friends allways to join for 3v3 it doesnt mean there are plenty of ppl to hardly gather one more friend at the same time to at least go some 2v2s

We need a solid crossrealmPvP group finder for 3s, one of the reasons no one played wotlk 3v3 was how difficult it is to find mates, dont just give us that terrible “custom” option.

3v3 was and is always more difficult to play. Facts. In retail you dont get glad either in 2v2. I bet there will more people play 3v3 now when thats the only glad mode

Which is completely irrelevant. People don’t play arena to play the most “difficult” thing. If you wanted a messy, difficult experience, people would be playing 5s, which is also basically a dead bracket.

Again, you seem just completely unable to understand why EVERYONE has been primarily playing 2v2, with 3v3 being a dead bracket. Because overwhelmingly people enjoy 2v2 more. Which is also what Blizzard realized after TBC, and enabled 2v2 to stay competitive in Wrath. And guess what – it was a huge success. Tons of activity and flourishing arena seasons, with tons of different comps and classes being in.

But lets throw all that away because of what Retail does. Who cares about what the majority players like right?


I dont like 3v3 either but imo its not fair giving this title in this easy braket im sorry

You’re basically making players do something they might not want to. Making 3v3 more popular by forcing players into it isn’t fair or smart. The reason fewer people play 3v3 or larger formats is simple: not everyone can find a team, and queues can be really long. As someone who plays 3v3s, I don’t find them any harder, maybe even easier. Adding an extra player just makes things messier, not necessarily tougher.