CC/DR and interrupts

I feel like there need to be some changes for CC/DR in the future. The changes that were made I think did not do any good for the game. So I think we need to try something new.

i’m thinking maybe revert all the CC changes but put DR to 2 instead of 3

I also think that having interrupts, interrupts all schools so that all classes have the same punishment for getting kicked. Today I feel like some caster are getting punished way too much compared to others.

No, make everything DR with everything.

If you want to stop casts, you should have to interrupt. Not spam that stuff on people. People don’t even interrupt until they’ve exhausted their stuff they can use to stop a cast without interrupting, making me regret even getting precog.

Use gouge to stop a cast? Well, DR on any CC. Should have used an interrupt instead.


The reward to kick is too low. Causing precog is far worse than not even kicking at all vs most things unless someone is literally going to die.

If you try to fake someone currently you’re just basically CCing yourself because they’ll never kick. They’ll just use a CC on you.

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Excuse me?

I have played a bit shadow myself and kicks and interrupts are barley a problem consider they are nerfed in duration
, 2 scools, you can fake cast if all interrupts are on you your teammates can blast free

Shadow suffer more from a week dispell protaction and micro cc + his low mobility
Maybe that you cannot dispers if you are interrupt on shadow is hard but you can work arround that

so you just want a complete zerg fiesta?

I never quite understood why so many people feel like precog is op, its like people are universally expecting to keep a caster locked down permanently. Im currently a dirty DH player. ( in my defence i only play it because the season 3 tier set helmet, its amazing )

Just like i dont want to sit in perma roots, casters dont want to sit in perma micro CC. I would even argue that precog isnt punishing enough, if all casters were given disarms you´d also feel differently about it.

One common thing i always see is how alot of players feels forced to use kick whenever its off the CD like its part of their dps rotation. So long as you´re holding on to kick you have automatic priority. The lockout is shorter yes, but you´re still stopping the thing the caster actually tried to cast so if you factor in that aswell its alot more damaging than you make it out to be.

I think precog is a wonderful implementation n its not hard to see why it was needed either for that matter, Even in a melee lobby i spend an annoying amont of time in random aoe CC that isnt even aimed at me because people spam it whenever its off CD ignoring DR´s n everything, as a DH im guilty of that problem myself of course i do the exact same because the game currently rewards it.

Due to mythic + meta the whole PvP part of the game feels worse than ever. Casters dont cast, melees has 100% uptime n absurd amonts of instant range CC. Theres no class identity anymore. Full on ability communism which makes us all just reroll whichever has the highest numbers.

I want to play my DK but DH is like 3x stronger n DK doesnt bring anything unique enough in terms of gameplay for me to stick with it for example.

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I want people to have to tactically use CC rather than spamming everything they have to stop casts and to have to use interrupts to stop casts. It’s just resembling OW1 from a tank pov more and more in wow PvP, they purged a lot of CC with OW2.

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Crys in arcane mage

Instant fear
Instant stun


They dont even need to kick.

Bring the skill bk into the game, having micro stuns + big cc abilities combined is 2much.

Make the game more tactic as it was in cata/panda.

Now you can get 4 micro cc”s in 4 sec. Even if they DR you dont get to cast much in a go.

So basicly we are forced to use best cds imediatly to prevent this stuff. But after 6 seconds, there you go again🤭

Imagine if every caster and healer had a disarm on 12s cd that would disarm you for 4sec and you wouldnt be able to use your defensives. How fun that would be?

Melees are such crybabies i swear. If they dont have 100% uptime…cry
If some caster is even remotely able to kite them for 5sec…cry
Interrupts and micro cc of gcd arent insta win…cry

The fact that mage exists doesnt mean that every melee needs to suddenly get 15 more gabclosers and 150 micro ccs. I would bet that melee classes toolkit is designed to be able to somehow keep up with mages meanwhile absolutely :poop: on other casters as an collateral damage.

The gameplay as imobile caster is beyond frustrating. It isnt about viability anymore…it just isnt fun at all to play.

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Try to play a caster into a fistweaver comp and say that again… Without precog kicks should get heavily nerfed.

Not really sure fistweaver is a good example, they are an abomination that shouldn’t exist. I love how half the thread is that my statement is insane and the other half is “they don’t even need to kick because of micro cc” and my whole point which everyone seems to have missed is there is no point to kick when you have micro ccs available because they have less risk/reward… and yet instead of nerfing micro ccs, blizz mostly nerfs heavy ccs.

Most casters damage is instant anyway now and the immobile ones are mostly bulky and have tons of CC with the probable exception being SP I guess.

Imo precog shouldn’t exist and they should have nerfed the hell out of micro cc and left long cc alone. No clue how they actually do that though.

In the current meta you don’t even need to kick for the first 20 secs, the guy can’t cast anyways. A DH can kill you before you even have a chance to land any CC on him. Kick is like the last resort. DK can stun, silence, grip, grip, grip, AMS, Blind you, without using a kick he stopped 10 of your casts while being immune to CC.

the best solution is to increase the cooldown
Longer cd = less cc

Well you’ve answered your own curiosity here. Melee players in particular don’t like that they can’t miss their kick and compensate for it with the next micro cc that’s off CD. It’s that simple.

There’s a reason why precog was added for casters and nothing of an equivalent was added for melees.

And even still, having precog doesn’t even grant me that much of a benefit. I fake a Shaman, gl they now have Grounding up. Fake a Warlock, gl they now have Nether Ward or put an Observer up. Fake a Warrior, gl they now have Reflect. Fake a DK, AMS.

Yes but micro CC isnt universally an issue for casters exclusively although there is no denying that its alot more punishing for casters. Even as a melee i find it extremely obnoxious, i even unsubbed for 3-4 months n recently came back.

I dont know why anyone thinks CC spam is the peak of gameplay. As for your own example, I think one big problem is that teamcomps plays such an absurdly big role in efficency in arena, thats one of the reason i get bored of it myself.

Take spriest or hell warlock as an example. If the warlock n spriest are on their own with no peels they arent that much of an issue to deal with, however the moment you slap a secound caster into the mix to pair them up with they become extremely strong instead.

If you balance the game around classes like those doing universally well into everything, they are going to be gods whenever that frostmage buddy logs onto the game. So how can that problem be solved even?

The devs dont care about PvP enough, the playerbase for PvP is too small n the pro scene attracts what? 12 viewers? AWC isnt even profitable so this is never going to change. They are just gonna constantly rotate whatever classes are op n which ones are unplayable, n the rest of us peasants are going to hail the meta when our spec is busted n complain when our classes n specs arent busted. Thats been the case for as long as wow arena has existed.

lol no, then this game will become even more pve


Just revert the long cc´s Maybe nerf cyclone a bit and remove some micro cc´s or make them m+ only.

well the reward to kick poly/clone is still there

ofc he want´s

so this means, u only have 1 cc per class on the heal, so i cant stun the heal anymore, because cyclone, poly, trap is better, and in the short time period i have to kill someone, this means, that they have to balance the dmg around it

guess what, we even have more overall dmg, and dmg spikes, where we just zugzug pve someone down

we had tactically CC in the game before Solo shuffle, and Shadowlands, we just have too many micro cc, and scenarios where someone can die, even when his heal isnt in a cc.

In general this has been discussed a lot yet nothing will really happen

The reality is no spec in the game should have more than 3 CC abilities. And Triple DR should not exist, but then again, Rogues would cry too much about their skillful triple cheapshot spam.

Here’s a rundown of ANY melee (not counting ret or survival here) trying to kill a Mage player with the spells being able to be cycled in a different order than how I wrote it as well:

  • 2 second root (Ice Nova)
  • Reach the Mage the first time and stun him > immediately trinkets first global Alter time > Shimmer
  • Reach again > Shimmer again
  • Reach the mage a 3rd time > Knockback
  • Reach the mage a 4th time > frost nova
  • Reach the mage a 5th time > displacement (blinking back to previous location)
  • Reach the mage a 6th time > dragon’s breath incap
  • Reach the mage a 7th time > alter time back to previous location
  • Reach the mage an 8th time > shimmer into the CD reducing thing into repeat the cycle

The above is the worst caster design imaginable. Yes, casters are not supposed to be target dummies for melees. But compare this amount of answers this class has to a Warlock, who has 1 port and 1 gate. A Moonkin, who has 1 Wild charge.

In general, some classes are way too bloated this expansion in what they received. Meanwhile others lag behind.

Another example:

Elemental Shaman:

  • Unleash Knock into Root
  • 2nd knock from Thunderstorm
  • Root
  • Frost Shock root
  • Lasso
  • Random cap stun
  • Hex
  • Static field totem

So, why should specs have all those buttons?

Why is the game centered around not allowing your enemy to play instead of outplaying or counterplaying? Nobody knows.

You are literally rewarded for playing annoying instead of playing to win.

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