Cecilia Clessington

I have a feeling she’s going to marry Anduin…if i’m not mistaken?

Anduin is going to marry Wrathion then we will have a dragon king in the future!!


Cecilia is going to be in a lesbian relationship with vanessa.

Straight couples in wow? In 2023? lol


He will marry Princess Tess Greymane (tho’ that might result in the next king really being named Rex :wolf: )


Anduin got sterilized from the maw radiation energy…his future is to marry wrathion, since everyone chose sabellian and wrathion needs somewhere to sit (throne of sw like his auntie onyxia). then everyone clapped.

Options are plenty:
Tess greymane as Princess of gilneas (because directly royal)
Lorna Crowley (daughter of an high noble of gilneas)
Luzila waycrest (kul tiran noble and last one of ruler of drustvar)
Jaina proydmoore ( Royal of kul tiras , age and related dont matter if you bring a successor to the throne, ask the habsburg :wink:)
Taelia: as “possible” relative to the crown of Lodaeron.
As daughter of bolvar she could be considered as noble but not much like luzila or lorna, more like noble 2nd grad.

That’s because he didn’t prepare for a darker future in a Vault-Tec Vault!

The Light doesn’t protect against the unseen evil of radiation…

Add in a hidden Zuldazar connection with brutosaurs, and we’ll soon have a Tyrannosaurus Rex leading the Alliance to savage victory! (Or maybe the Horde…?)

Calvin and Hobbes would definitely like that.


I am not one of those shippers.
But it seemed that Anduin could be more wed to Taelia Fordragon.
With Royalty and such there is no love or romance but more of a political arrangement.

The line of Fordragon has not been extinguished yet. It could be a contribution to the line of Wrynn.
Cecilia Clessington is just some noble that does could bring the Defias Brotherhood back into the fold. Stormwind is not always has its hands clean. But is overall a shield of humanity.

tbh I got the vibe that they Cecilia and Vanessa Vancleef will either be close friends, marking a closure between the Defias and the Nobles, or lovers.

For Anduin I feel like Tess is the best option, she seems to be a good opposite of him

I’ve always painted Anduin asexual, he doesn’t feel like the relationship sort of guy to me.

Well maybe asexual isn’t the correct definition but you get my point.


True, but political marriage then. Both Tess or Taelia could be possible matches


Sorry, but 2 sticks don’t make an orb.

There won’t be off-springs in such a case. No dragon king.

Cecilia is coming with me, boys and girls!


To be honest, if i was an in game NPC - i wouldn’t say no to Vanessa Von Cleef


In deffense of that horrible idea of the two get together, dragons are quite… genderfluid when it comes to shapeshifting/polymorphing as we seen with Chromie and out new Vulpera girl visage posessing Majordomo… :eyes:

But still a horrible idea
Wrathion is just 12 years old, dragon or not!!!
Not even old enough to buy a drink or buy the lates issue of PlayDragon or Scaly&Naughty!

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At this point I hope he just adopts.

I think it would also be fun to see which family would inherit the title of king. Or if it doesn’t change into a republic of sorts, but I don’t think we will ever see Anduin die of old age in any case, either he abdicates or dies in battle… nonetheless, who would take the crown?

He should marry my character Ameerah, a tan skinned beautiful Arab woman from Tanaris. (Waste wanderer)

For inclusivity of course…… not because I would order free food if I became Queen :eyes:

“Ameerah” means princess, so it’s practically my destiny to rule Stormwind and raise taxes :smiling_imp: …… I mean, and help the people :innocent:

Read the books, namely War Crimes and Before the Storm. Hell, even the crappy woke one (Shadows Rising) took a chapter where Anduin went to the Goldshire inn to gawk at some black human woman.

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Really? That was unexpected!