CensusPlusClassic blocked by Blizz

Today morning 31MB small update for the client bocked CensusPlusClassic addon.
It looks like they protected the /who function if yo use it too much and it requires player input now.
They want us to stay on the unbalanced realm :stuck_out_tongue:


If this is true then its sad news.But again as you said you still can use it,just requiers more user inputs.

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Very strange IF it is true. Census was an addon in vanilla and was allowed.

/who in massive scale causing server instability and lag like the auction house scan might do but in a smaller scale.

if some people use census might be ok but if lots of people using it all day then it might affect server stability.

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what is that addon for?

scans every region in the map with /who command, finds players, classes, factions etc etc and building statistics. but that has to run for hours to have clear view on how many unique people have logged in so you can have safe results.

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Could we not ask of Blizzard to have its own way for players to get that info officialy so there is not a burden by multiple clients running such stuff?

i have no idea :slight_smile: and personally i think that if these things didn’t exist servers will be more balanced by default.
people will just find a server make a char and play so most servers will be equally distributed but when you have these info then you are planning strategically what to do and that is what causing the biggest unbalances
-here has horde lets go to other
-to many horde here, lets stay here
and unbalances happen.
i believe that we think that we prevent unbalances by choosing where to go by using this data and that backfires in the end or maybe i am wrong and the opposite happens, i am not good at statistic analysis :stuck_out_tongue:


I would not know cause the only crieteria for chosing my server at launch was “low population” “PvE” and a cool name (Nethergarde keep)

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Doubt that, there are addons that transmit/request much more info. Blizzard just throttles in other cases.

It is much more likely that Blizz don’t want people to know exact server pop and A/H ratios. There is a good and bad possibility for that:

The good one: They don’t want people to stack on A and H servers respectively.
The bad one: Paid transfers are incoming. They don’t want people to see how much server ratios will get skewed (i.e. faction stacking) after paid transfer are introduced.

Blizzard in a nutshell.
Instead of making any ideas to fix racial imbalance, they fix the only way people can get aware of this imbalance.


Right. Because it sounds to me people are using Census to see if they are on the ‘losing’ or ‘winning’ side. And if they are on the ‘losing’ side they transfer or re-roll on a server that is already on the ‘winning’ side.

Which means imbalanced realms get more imbalanced. Can’t wait for those ENTIRELY Horde or ENTIRELY Alliance servers. This is precisely why Blizzard don’t release metrics to people, because they abuse them and it exacerbates the problem. I am not saying that is why Census is no longer working, but if it is why Blizzard broke it? Won’t hear me complaining.

No player will ever find a server with a perfect 50/50 split. There will always be one side slightly weighted against the other. And that shouldn’t be a problem - unless players use addons like this to make it one.

They did fix racial imbalance. In retail, nearly every race is identical with the slightest most imperceptible racial differences that make them all more or less homogenous. And hey, they did it with the classes too! Isn’t that great? Now they all have a Heal, an Escape/Speed boost, a Resource Spender, a Resource Generator…

Wait, isn’t this exactly why we wanted to go back to Classic? If you have a way they can fix the faction imbalance then go for it. I can’t really think of one. Historically, they have allowed Free Faction Transfers on realms where it got really bad. But much like the Free Server Transfers, that relies on players actually using it instead of just hoping other people do.


maybe blizzard should release figures themselves then instead of forcing us to find ways to do it?

but they could easily negate this by capping a faction at 55%~ of server capacity. while this does NOT ensure that the other server will get up to 45%, it does mean that it has a chance. where as having no faction cap means that 55% faction A will keep going up, while faction b keeps going down. this tech was used in 2008 in WAR, surely its able to be improved upon more than a decade later.

take that hackers and abusers cant layer hop and go to forum and just cry me rivers just easy dont hack or abuse dont get ban its always a risk to use addon if its illegal thats why i dont use them simple as that

Did you actually read this thread? It has nothing to do with anyone getting banned :slight_smile:


U cant post on forums if ur banned thats why so many hackers and abusers dont say dont fix the hacks any more instead just complain on the friends and try to blame on the addons i fully support blizz becuse it makes the game better for every1 even them who dont agree

You are funny. Completely off topic but funny :rofl:

post on ur classic char gnome im gonna show u what i did with gnomergone today just u watch!!! and i dare to support blizz in a place where no1 else dose so dont silence me becuse i will fear you

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Mine isn’t doing anything either :frowning:

I’m disappointed they felt the need to break it, if indeed it was intentional.


Would that fix the issue, though? If I really wanted to play Horde because I identify with them or I really like the racials… If my server is capped, I’ll just go to a new server that isn’t. Or what if they’re all capped? I now can’t play the race / faction I wanted to play. That opens up a whole new barrel of problems. Who are Blizzard to restrict access to 50% of the races and factions when I pay for them? Now that isn’t to say your idea is without merit - I have no doubt some people would just shrug and roll the opposite faction. But I fear it causes more issues than the one it solves.

One could say “Just play Alliance/Horde and suck it up” sure. But then one could also say “Unlucky that the factions are imbalanced on your server. Suck it up.” It’s a very difficult issue and one exacerbated by addons like Census that encourage people to pack up and leave when their side is ‘losing’ in the numbers game, as it were.

Edit: That said, this may not have been deliberate, as said in my previous post. In which case the debate is moot, as they’ll fix it before too long.