Change realm

help me for change realm
and charachter

Hey Deathmone,

Are you having trouble using the paid realm transfer service, or are you trying to use the free character transfer service on Classic?

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!

i transfared my character by mistake to another realm What i do?

Is this a regular Retail transfer or the Free Character Migration at Classic?

free not a regular Retail

WoW Classic

Customer Support is unable to assist with one way player iniated FCM’s:

That and I’m not quite sure how you’re able to mistakingly transfer a character that requires atleast 9 button clicks and a confirmation that you’re entirely sure that you want to move that character to the destination realm.

Can i transfer back my character to my old realm?

Hello can i change my character to my old realm in wow classic ?

As it says in the first post in Saneko’s link:
‘This is a one-way, irreversible move.’ so I’m afraid you can’t.
I suppose it’s possible they may open paid transfers some time in the future but, as it wasn’t a thing in the original game, it’s not in Classic.

Paid server transfers were added before the Burning Crusade so those were in vanilla, too. Pretty late though so I doubt they are implemented in Classic until later phases and server populations have stabilized.

Digging up from Internet Wayback Machine Blizzard announced paid transfers on 27th June 2006 so about ~6 months before TBC launched.

Ah, ok. Thanks Grelier … my memory’s not what it was :slight_smile: I knew they weren’t there at the start