Char transfer bug! waited 3 days for a ticket but no answers yet

I am trying to migrate my character to Lakeshire. Can you please purge my mail?
I want to transfer but can’t due to “Mailbox issue”
I got no pending mails in my mailbox nor I have anything on AH or etc.
I want to transfer this paladin Niyy from Venoxis to Lakeshire
Anything that can be done ?

I wrote a ticket 3 days ago and no answers yet! :frowning:

look at the first pinned thread.

TLDR: Its a known issue which has created a lot of tickets, hence the wait time.

whats the solution so far?

READ the linked post and do what it says or wait, those are your only options.

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I tried everything the linked post says

if you can login at a point with no queues:


  • Check that you do not have ignored player mail. Clear your ignored player list. If you reported someone’s mail as spam it will hide their mail but not delete it. [Check back ]
    (Mailbox purge - #6 by Veadsarias) in 24h.

I have not ignored any players and reported spam before

  • It could be quest mail that arrives later (24h-72h) then clear it yourself.

quest log is empty since 24 hrs

All you can do if you are unwilling to make a level 10 on a US retail realm and post in the US thread is wait. It will be answered in another 3 or 4 days.

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