Char Transfer doesn't work


Greetings there,

I tried today to transfer to Earthbreaker from Gehennas while waiting in the queue but unfortunately, when I selected the option it got stuck for 30 at Please wait… I closed the game/app, tried again for 20 min but no luck, still didn’t work.

After I’ve passed the que there was no shop inside the char menu and couldn’t do it from there either.

Almost all my guildies transferred to Earthbreaker but sadly I didn’t make it.

I would kindly ask you to help me with this problem, I’m in your debt. I don’t want to be stuck on Gehennas in a 4-6k queue every day :frowning:

(Saneko) #2

You meant from Gehennas to Earthshaker right?

You could try the advice here: WoW: Classic – Free Character Migrations about the missing shop icon.

Support cannot assist with modifying anything regards the FCM offer. Please keep watching the aforementioned thread for any info about the current FCM status.