Character Stuck - Fix

If you die in the PVP quest in the Wild Feeding Pits you will go back to the graveyard and have a high chance of being placed underneath the ground. When this happens the server will DC you, leading you to logging back on over and over and over.

Chances are you “unstuck” your character, which will send you to the closest graveyard :upside_down_face: and be locked out for 8 hours.

Either way, what I’ve done is a variation of what other people are doing with the spam jump while you log in, which works but takes a while due to loading screens. So here’s a list of the things I did WHILE spamming jump.

-Lowered ALL of my graphic settings to MINIMUM, this makes loading screen significantly lower, meaning more attempts to get your character above the ground.
-Bound jump to TWO keys on another character, so I could spam both at the same time.
-Held right click and LOOKED UP and held FORWARD, this points your dragon directly up and attempts to move forward (while pressing jump, unsure if the jump key even makes a difference here)

The attempt that word for me was pointing my dragons nose UPWARD to the sky and MOVING FORWARD. I can’t guarantee this will work for you, it took me a solid 5-10 minutes of attempting once my settings were set to the lowest for insta-loading screens.

Either way this worked for me and if this can even help one person get their weekend WoW in I’ll be happy! Good luck guys :frowning:


omg thanks, that actually fixed it… youre my hero <3

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SO i just spam Spacebar and look up with the mouse ? or what u do guys ?

thank you! this worked for me, just keep spamming space bar when you are reconnecting and you’ll be above ground eventually

Am i the only one getting freeze and insta DC without seeing any movement? Even tho i lowered my graphics down to low. I got NO time to even look or jump before getting dced again :frowning:

Mess with your settings maybe, I had times where it would INSTANTLY just DC me. Then I had times where I could clearly see the game for a split moment, changing settings 100% changed if this would happen more often or not.

I have the exact same problem. Can’t even see any frame within the game.

Doesn’t work. Tried every setting, turning off every addon. Deleted Cache. Nothing works, any other suggestions, help a fellow out if you could.

I can’t manage to get out either…

Yeah I’m not dead, just stuck in the quest area falling through the world and getting DC’d

I got the same problem…I can’t even move or jump…sometimes i reach to see one frame of the game but this is completely freeze… :frowning:

To add to this, since I did something similar which worked just now.
Pressing W might not be the best idea, if you know where you are S might be better getting you out of whatever spot you are in.

Tried W spam with space first with no luck, but I thought that since I had crashed into a ledge, S might be better, and after 3 loading screens I got into the game.

EDIT: I foolishly tried to do the same quest again and got the same dead+DC loop. If your login screen take a long time, I would suggest to disable addons to make it faster/possible

Same problem:( help

Same problem my side, been out of hours due to this and tried the stuck option. At this point I am just falling and tried everting suggested.

I am pretty frustrated at this point, pathetic imo.


Have the same issue, its been 4 hours. Please fix this problem.

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Same problem

Had the same problem. Self service isnt working at all and almost contacted a GM via forums or something and found this. I’ve unstuck myself twice mashing the space bar.

Okey guys, I am just “unstuck” from 2 hours trying to make the barspace solution works…
Thanks to the idea from @[Ewynnae], just spam barspace and your binds for sidemoves (AWSD or so) at the same time, just spam fast all buttons. Take me only two tries of this to get unlock. YIKES

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i have been stuck for hours now, this is a joke. support is a joke, taking hours to just unstuck or res a char.


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OMG that actually helped!

Mixing between S and W while spamming jump and i got out in 3 attempts