Character stuck on empty realm

I recently re-subbed to find that my Classic Wow character was stuck on a realm (Flamelash) that is now completely empty due to what’s happened in my absence.

I don’t want to have to create a new character on another realm because of something that’s outside of my control, and I would like a transfer to a realm that has a decent population. I didn’t do anything to cause the issue, and all I am asking for is a transfer that players were already offered. I don’t understand the reason for keeping an empty realm like Flamelash open, and even transfering it to a TBC classic realm on release.

Flamelash is a low population realm. all you can do is transfer off, and you can’t do it for free. I don’t remember a transfer being offered off Flamelash.

People like empty realms for some reason. If you are gong to pay to move do it now, because tonight the transfer system will be locked.

Edit: I think it may have been already locked, so you either make a new character or play on an almost empty realm. Or the last option, stop playing.

Indeed transfers have already closed for the moment unfortunately. More info in this post:

I hope you can still find people to play with on your current realm for now, Adamante!

As Adamante asks, will anything be done for the people who missed out on the transfer? It was outside of our control and I was focused on my thesis at that time so no time for WoW. Now I’m stuck on a server where even as horde it’s incredibly difficult to even find 5 players to do Zul’Farrak. I can understand that maxed out players like the idea of an empty server due to low competition for resources but as a leveling experience (which plays a huge part of the classic games IMO) this server shouldn’t exist.

All the information that is currently available is in the blue post.