Character transfer bug


I can’t use the free transfer service due to “Please clear the mail from this character’s mailbox” error, which has been addressed. There are no items in my mailbox, which I cleared it like 12h ago. Also, I don’t have mails from any ignored player; I have not ignored anyone.

Help me please

You already have a thread on this very same topic here:

You don’t need multiple threads on the same topic.

I do need to create mutliple threads. There are 100s of threads about the same topic - yet not a single answer from Blizzard.

Free transfers doesnt last forever, I’ve already had this issue for 3 days and my ticket respons time is set to 6 days…

Your topic is totally different, yours is due to undeleted mail in your mail box. Not the same thing.

Because you’re special and your multiple threads will get a blue answer when they are not answering others? Maybe they are not answering because the developers haven’t told them anything that they can pass on to us anyway? Did you think of that?

All multiple threads do is clog up the forums, and make it harder for people to filter out what really matters.

Also cross posting is actually against the forum TOS.

Did I mention that I don’t care?

Greetings Heridez. In cases such as this it is better to just open a ticket as it may be needed to have a look into your character directly.

Sometimes there may be mails that are “in transit” toward your characters or are stuck, and Game Masters should be able to check for them and sort this out for you.

You can also try an UI reset ( ) if you have not done so, just in case it’s just the interface that is being stubborn in not showing you what you have in the mailbox. Up to you!

Thanks for the answer,

I’m waiting for a respons on the ticket. I tried the UI reset, but it didn’t work.

Bump. Opening tickets does no good. Please can someone tell someone at Blizzard to fix this as they don’t seem aware it is an issue.

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