Character Transfers Update

As a reminder, there are a number of services available to players who wish to change where their character is situated.

  • Realm transfers are available between many realms. These can be initiated by logging into the game and entering the Shop on the bottom left of the character selection screen.

  • Many potential realm transfers are free. See our Support Article for a full list of free transfers.

  • The Faction Change service is available. This can be initiated by logging into the game and entering the Shop on the bottom left of the character selection screen.

  • Restrictions on using transfers and boosts on (previously) ‘Fresh Start’ realms have been lifted. Players can transfer to and from those realms, as well as use a Character Boost on a character created on a (previously) ‘Fresh Start’ realm.

Thank you very much!


But still not transfer from Seasonal to other than Era servers Pyrewood, Kingsfall or Firemaw.
We go to Seasonal to play HC, now can’t go to Hydraxian HC server.
Why you always restrict fun?


Open paid transfers to Flamegor :roll_eyes:


OPEN TRANSFERS TO EARTHSHAKER!!! cmon, i’ve been waiting forever to play my f’’’’ paladin


Open the transfers to Mograine already cmon!! Let the ppl left in this game enjoy their time!


Blizzard giving me hope that they are unlocking stuff for a moment. But it’s starting to seems like an April Fool’s prank :person_shrugging:

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Best way to unbalance certain servers once again.

Would be highly valued if you can open paid character transfers to Gehennas (Atleast for those that already have mains there)

I have 2x 80s on another realm which are just rotting away cause I cant move them to my “main” server.

But new characters can be made? Why not just open the paid character transfers for players already having characters there?


Can you explain why earthshaker is locked given the realm is not full or locked? There’s people that want to play on here that have characters already but can’t. I can understand why full realms would be locked but this seems like a mistake?


any new updates to opening transfers to exam. Gehennas?

Just merge all pvp realms into one, also pves and rps. Difficult fix, but it will fix those Alli/horde unbalanced realms, and save those ghost realms.

Just create better money sink than transfers…

Please, will be there some free transfer for Alliance from Golemagg? We are like 100 vs 25k of Horde… thank you for your answer.

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thank you, been waiting for it to happen.

Still waiting on Pyrewood to be open so I can give Blizzard money


Open transfers to earthshaker allready! come ooooooooooon


Earthshaker is finally open for transfer. No communication from their side yet but I managed to transfer my alt last evening.

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The article got updated and Earthshaker is no longer in the list of realms ineligible for paid transfers. That’s most likely the only communication we are going to get.

I wonder why you could transfer from Gehennas to Firemaw, but not from Mograine.
Does Horde population on Mograine need to double in order to open character migration?

If the census data are correct, Horde population should be actually higher on Mograine than on Gehennas.


Need to open more servers to transfer to. Playing horde on Thekal which is dying rather quickly I can only move to other dying servers or overpopulated Golemagg. Would greatly appreciate the possibility to transfer to Mograine.

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