Character Transfers Update

There are no overpopulated servers atm. Even Gehennas is queueless and nothing suggest that queues will ever come back. Golemagg is your best bet if you are not going to faction change as well, but do as you wish. Don’t come back crying if you eventually get to Mograine and that one dies too.

open transfers maybe? earthshaker is kinda dying compared to other major servers. Just bring people together and narrow down PVP/PVE cluster into 2-3 servers.

its actually up

Listen Blizzard - when even Gehennas is queueless, it means that it’s time to loosen up the transfer restrictions.

Besides that, it’s completely nonsensical that we can level up new characters wherever we want, yet we can’t transfer to a realm that we already have level 80s on.

And lastly, if I was a shareholder in your company I’d love to know why you’ve kept a revenue stream shut down, especially now that the circumstances causing the shutdown in the first place no longer exist.

Love ya <3


Here’s the thing. Existence of Layer system proves contrary. If not for it the game would be unplayable at Gehennas, Golemagg or basically any bigger realms because the world wasn’t designed to sustain those numbers.

@Slonner: This is not a viable solution as it would basically require the entire EU to have less than 24 000 concurrent players at maximum peak. For numbers to drop that low, WotLK:C would have to have less than 72 000 players total (on EU realms) and while activity is not at launch levels of Classic, I do not think that we have dropped to less than 6% of my Classic launch player estimate some years ago. Even Classic Era has more than 2 actual realms despite the numerous connections.

@Bafago, @Kiryaa: It feels like you two are viewing things in two slightly different ways. Not having a queue is not a guarantee of low player activity on a specific realm. It is also worth noting that many players do not like layers. And if layering was magically entirely removed, I would assume there would need to be a very significant reallocation of population between realms.

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Yeah pretty sure there would be. I doubt servers would handle even 6k players on single layer much less 30k like in Gehennas and even if they were, playing would be miserable. Players competing for mobs and gathering nodes would be everywhere.

They locked Gehennas again.

It seems they REALLY do not want too huge realms anymore.
Doubt they will merge bigger realms anytime soon (the low pop realms except Hydraxian Waterlords, yes, but nothing else)

warcraft logs claiming character

I still regret ever leaving my high level alliance toons away from Firemaw because of queue times. The one server was overcrowded, after that 2 servers have died for alliance. Ashbringer (I transferred too first) and then took FCM to Mograine wich died as well on the alliance side. Open up FCM from Mograine to Firemaw please. So I can be back on my original server.

Will Pyrewood Village Soon open agian for transfer. That server is not Full / locked anymore

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I just came back to WOTLK cause retails is an absolute sh*tshow. I have friends on Pyrewood Village and my boosted character is there. but my old TBC character are on Mirage Raceway.
absolutely great…

When will mograine be ready to transfer too? the server is next to being dead not enough players to be classed as locked yet cant transfer over my alts and join my guild.

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Tbh don’t know why i bother this wont get sorted. Its stupid all these people that have requested and yet nothing, no wonder wotlk is dying cant even get on the server we want

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Is there news or update account transfers - WOTLK account?

Very nice to see that US is getting a new batch of transfers while EU can s*** a f** one . Ty blizz for f******* us in the a** .


There are often one, two days delay in between.
I wouldn´t be surprised if something is going to happen for EU this week, too.

Only Thekal getting transfer assistance? Hydraxian Waterlords and the other 3 “dead” realms on EU would like to see some help please.

You can’t seriously give a 3k pop “medium” realm FCT and just ignore the 4 low pop realms with <50 logging people.

Yes - No - Yes - No? Updates! Is it real? FCTs from any EU realm to Hydraxian Waterlords?

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Check the article, the article was updated… :slight_smile:

Note: All European realms have free transfers available to Hydraxian Waterlords.

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