Class Tuning Coming 29 June

And SV Hunter is still untouched? :man_facepalming:


Still nothing BM aoe I see, disappointing.


One and a half years to nerf Craven in arenas. Finally


I don´t think WoW should be an esport. So naturally, looking at the lackadaisical Guardian buffs I respect Blizzard´s continued decision to not balance classes after 17 years.

They just need to stop overtuning raids.

Destroying destro a week before MDI?

Destro has been hugely op (and fun) since 9.2.5 launch.

Why nerf it into the ground now rather than waiting for season 4?


Meanwhile, some specs are in dire need of love…


Next expansion lol

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They will keep overtuning raids going forward. They don’t want another Emerald Nightmare which is cleared on mythic within 24 hours lol.


Why are you gutting destro now? When people reach 4k score, when season ends in month, and next season will not be even played by that many people because of how it is received by the community. All the players who main destro and/or re-rolled, will be really upset. Since I can’t post links on the forum, I will write down dps from SD 27 up to the first boss, when he was pulled:
Monk 45k
Hunter 35k
Warlock 29k
Do you even understand what it means for Destro? With the current state of WW monks and SV hunters? When you look at numbers, do you take into account that there are several types of dungeons and some have large pulls that you chain into another, and some don’t? You design them like that. My point is, whenever my spec was underplayed in s1 and s2 it felt really awful to be a destro player, now it’s not been this long and you’re taking it away for no reason at all. This is end of expansion time, and who climbed the IO ladder, already did that and who didn’t is scr**ed. lol


Ye next expansion you already got REWORK this one what do you want MORE
don’t be greedy

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awww…poor warlocks …now imagine how do any other spec feels beside these fotm meta broken op specs you listed…im astonished when i do 20k overall at the end…meanwhile on the m+ ppl going about how 24k overall is dogno …

Lock nerfs considering the state of the season are just stupid…but lets be honest well deserved…mobk and surv need same treatment…but i also hate how they are wasting time and resources on tuning 5 classes over and over …lock ww mage …buffing neefing buffing nerfing…and now if you warch closely dev notes under lock nerfs theyre planning to adjust them again…like hello there are others too ffs.


sounds good

This is awful at this point in the season and honestly feels like changes have not been thought about at all, the general spell buffs don’t even come close to make up for the loss of rain chaos on single target, with the current changes this spec will end up how Affli did after Castle Nathria, a dead spec that the only people who play it are people who love it and even then if you want to do higher end content its nearly unplayable.

Are the nerfs deserved, Yes
Are they being done in the correct way, Not even close


Devouring Plague reduced by 1.5% just for the sake of it.

You answered to that question. Watching 3 destro’s rain of fire is boring.

Arms warrior still left in the gutter, ty…

Damn, you were faster. I was about to say the exact same thing. With an exception : I would have said I’m astonished when I do 14k overall.

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I agree, but that doesn’t explain the timing of this change though.

Any balance issue should be handled asap.

It happens shortly before MDI. So you can easily guess they thought every team running warlocks and showing rain of chaos everywhere wouldn’t be very fun to watch neither a good showcase of their game.

And why it did not happen before ?.. Well… Do you really want to discuss about all the things that should have been fixed for a while now but are still not fixed ?