Class Tuning Coming 29 June

Its pretty crippling, sets us to be pretty awful

Asap? You mean after 500-1000 Destro warlocks climbed ladder to 3.8k-4k raider io score? Good knowledge of the game you have.

The easiest solution for what appears to be the MDI only issue is to cap rain of chaos at 1 min, so you still can extend it with blasphemy for a little bit, but you can’t stack it to the insane levels of 4/5 minutes. RN this nerf is making the spec being unplayable just like it was in 2 entire seasons, because it’s a nerf by about 35-40%'s. That’s nuts really.
Also, what if you also revert the 5% aura buff, but keep the buffs from this time around? To the st spells? That + CAPing rain of chaos to 1 minute would make the destro “normal” Imo.

It doesn’t matter. better to fix it now than never.

But warlock literally did 30-40% more damage than everyone else with a one-button rotation, and one of the highest survivability of all other ranged while also bringing utility. Good, that destruction finally gets destroyed. Demonology is still really strong though.


Here’s some data from warcraft logs (the dps is the average of all the DPS in the first page) of each spec :

Spec DPS
Destruction 26414.33
Survival 23,128.25
Windwalker 20773.46
Demonology 18589.9
Marksmanship 18582.23
Fury 18119.1
Outlaw 17380.09
Fire 17222.15
Subtlety 17201.04
Frost (Death Knight) 17098.33
Enhancement 16629.46
Havoc 16487.2
Elemental 16049.86
Frost (Mage) 16001.37
Arms 14997.8
Arcane 14638.8
Assassination 14142.48
Beast Mastery 14009.22
Retribution 13872.67
Unholy 13852.32
Shadow 13650.59
Feral 13631.96
Balance 13525.92
Affliction 11949.1

35-40% nerf to destruction warlock would bring its dps around : 15848.6 and 17169.31

Just for fun, let’s look at Tanks :

Spec DPS
Guardian 11318.9
Blood 11,108.90
Protection (Paladin) 10136.3
Protection (Warrior) 10074.6
Brewmaster 9872.1
Vengeance 9775

Take a look at the M+ timed key participation by class statistics. Here they are for +20 keys and higher.

  • Tanks:
    • Look at how similar the participation is for all tanks, with the exception of prot warrior. Prot warrior should’ve been buffed; the others are fine.
  • Healers:
    • Discipline priests and mistweaver monks are hardly played at all. They need M+ buffs.
  • DPS:
    • DPS balance appears to be the worst. Look at how many specs are hardly played at all at M+20 and higher.

So why did Blizz focus on tank balance when tank balance is already very good compared to healer and DPS balance? And why didn’t they buff prot warriors?

Of course, participation and balance are different things. Some specs might have low participation because they aren’t fun to play or because the community has a negative perception of it, even though it’s actually strong. But low participation levels are a good indicator that something is wrong with a spec.


I disagree. It matters, especially during the start of a season.

Balancing issues should he addressed as a high priority as PUG groups will only invite meta. It was substantially easier to get ksm or 3k rating by playing meta while waiting for hours in the queue as outlaw, feral or ret.

I’m glad they don’t give a damn about MDI and nerfed it though. All the streamers and no lifers on Twitter are crying and I love it.


Kinda true. Briefly checked few of his keys done at 20+ lvls, and all of those keys had destro wl in, I guess now that he has reached his achievements for portals and such, he may be in rebellion against those filthy warlocks. kekw

Why do you sound like Amber Heard during her trial ?


Balance/Feral Druids/Arcane Mages/Arms Warriors/Affliction Locks/Shadow Priests/Ret Paladins don’t even get to play M+, because Destruction/Survival does double their damage. And who said, that M+ should be balanced around Meta-Rerollers, who wanna cheese high rating? They can try to get 0.1% next season too…
The thing is, that the crowd will always try to optimize their chances to clear the key on time, regardless of whether it is a +15 or a +30.


In season 1 Balance druids were all that was played in the keys and destruction warlocks would have hard time to get in. Balance stayed for entire season, destro didn’t got any major love.

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Don´t worry I know Blizzard will want to keep killing the game by pandering to Northern European mythic raiders with 2000 twitter followers called something like Echo-Babeekatz who tweet @ Blizzard constantly saying how cool it is that the raid is too difficult for 99.9 % of the playerbase.


Yes, it was known that WL and Surv are totally busted 6months ago in BETA, people were doing keys on those classes and doing 2x more DPS than anything else.

So where were devs then? Did they really not see this?

You are saying nobody in blizzard knew WL and SV were doing 2x more dps than others, they just found out now 3 days ago. Someone opened twitch and saw a WL doing 50k overall. So this was their first notice of the problem, 3/4 into the season. Well congrats to them.


Nah it’s been op for so long, why bother now with MDI and s4 coming up. Do it all then.

Can you pls revert Defensive Stance nerf already, Arms needs only 1 change and that’s it.

Or make it 10% damage taken and given reduction instead of 10% damage taken reduction / 20% damage given reduction, so that we won’t regret pressing D stance which is our only damage mitigation option as Arms. Ignore Pain requires sacrificing too much dps in most situations.

We don’t have self heal, our mobility is limited after execute charge nerf, we only have 1 real defensive ability which is Die By The Sword. You nerfed intervene we are terrible at peeling too now. Why do you have to make a spec pitiful when you fix the other one.

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They were :point_down:

And why wouldnt you invite destro? Why play 5 mwn dungeon when you can play 6 man.
Its lovely how destro locks acting like the whole world is spinning around them and that every single timed dungeon i this entire season was a succes because of their godlike skill and pressence… Well…welcome to our world dude…lets us know how much fun it is getting into keys as destro if they will become some poop as ppl suggest. Cant wait for these idiotic posts come fron survival hunter which will be " a must have" from now on.

Something will always be meta or strong…but comon…double the damage of the other classes …not even exagerating. gtfo.

So noo buffs in pve for shadow? Well okay, ty bye you lost a retail player now.


Like really … are you fo real… I still struggle in pve to get in to mythic and you do this :frowning: I dont even play pvp :frowning: . Am starting to wonder if the carebear is there. . .

Can’t you apply this change to shadow in general not just pvp.

Well I had to sit through all this but am finally 3k after a lot of time.


In response to player feedback, we have elected to not make changes to Destruction Warlock this week. We expect to adjust Destruction as well as Survival Hunter with the beginning of Season 4.

Previously in our April 20 tuning, we made adjustments to Destruction Warlock and Survival Hunter to reign in their performance in M+. Those changes did not turn out to do enough, and we need to make further adjustments, but we realize this will have a significant impact on players who have committed time and effort into those specs for the conclusion of the M+ season.

Please prepare for reductions to Destruction Warlock and Survival Hunter damage in high target situations at the start of Season 4.


this is good and just

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