Class Tuning in Progress – 16 December

The usual 0 communication from Blizz about any changes, balancing future plans or intentions Keeps me on the edge of my seat…
What are you planning Blizz?!?!?!?!
nerf, buff, nerf, nerf, buff?!

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Covenant buffs/nerfs, where?

You’re taking this news rather well.

You are looking at the wrong thing. You need to buff low survivability, not nerf high damage. Noone wants 80% dampening meta. Let people learn to use their defensives and buff worst pvp classes’ defensives. DC priest has no highdamage, but best defensives in the game, and they plague arena right now. Matches last 8+ minutes already in some high ranked matches. Don’t make pvp boring again, i BEG you on my knees.

Ahh most of the low ranking dps are getting a buff… except for frost mages. It’s always nice to be seen as the trash spec.

Can we get some buffs to Holy pala, please?


Fury needs at least 10%. It’s the bottom spec by far, elementary school maths work to figure out what percentage it needs to be.

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I’m very happy that it seems like you’re going tune PVE and PVP individually. Please don’t ruin Sub Rogue in PVE content based on of how it performs in PVP. Sub is maybe OP in PVP but it’s definitely not OP in PVE in any way. I really don’t want to go another expansion where Sub is unplayable in Dungeons and Raids. All potential nerfs to Sub should be ONLY be applied to PVP content and NOT PVE. Thanks.

I hope it’s a joke that frost dk gets literally nothing. The spec is literally the second worst in m+ after assassination rogues… well, now we are the worst i guess since assa gets buffed, and so are other classes that are already better than us in both raid and m+.

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Yeah I’m getting worried at this point. It needs to be higher than 5% or atleast give us back 25% haste instead of the new 15% when enraged.

We’ve made a few further adjustments to the plan for tuning coming with scheduled weekly maintenance.


  • Balance
    • Starfall damage reduced 6%.
    • Balance of all Things [Legendary] now causes Eclipse to increase your critical strike chance with Arcane or Nature spells by 40%, decreasing by 8% every 1 second (was 50% crit, decreasing by 10% per second).


  • Marksmanship
    • Aimed Shot damage reduced by 5%.
    • Arcane Shot damage reduced by 5%.

Death Knight

  • Unholy
    • Mastery: Dreadblade effectiveness reduced by 20%.

BFA PTSD intensifies!


no bm buffs, no legendary tuning XDDDDDDDDDDDDD


Still waiting on those Frost Mage buffs, we’re full wheelchair right now.


Noo - don’t nerf the lazer chicken :frowning:

I just hope they will also look if spec in general is overperforming or maybe some covenants work too well for spec or talents are too good. Slaping simply 5-10% buff or nerf is just lazy way to go about it.

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Well they did nerf my Legendary… so there’s that.

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Please tell me that you just made a mistake and there is something about frost dk-s as well :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t want to be disrespectful but in what world does that makes frost dk a spec that’s completely fine and needs no tuning? I know you are not the one who makes class changes but i’m just trying to figure out here how the literal bottom spec for m+ doesn’t get a single buff.


And soon we will be back in state of MM hunter. I think you should nerf it atleast for 15% to make us play BM for pve and survival for pvp.