Class Tuning in Progress – 16 December

@Kaivax please allow warriors to swap from 1h and shield to 2h wep in combat while GCD is active. Right now it feels way too clunky.

It works fine when swapping from 2h to 1h and shield so why wouldn’t it work the other way around :man_shrugging:

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Buff frost mage also, and the other 2 mage specs if they need it.
Frost is terrible.


WTF MAN we were absolute garbage for a whole expansion ! leave us alone !

BM Hunter AOE Still low and that kill command damage is less than pet ability like claw and bite


Nope, they’re fine at PvE.

5% for assa ain’t enough, as it’s worst spec atm

i pray to god you’re going to balance legendaries. also torghast is a full blown rng fest… 1 run you can have 90% utility powers and the next you can have 90% power upgrades, its absolutely garbage


cant agree more

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This is beyond ridiculous if you aren’t also buffing Frost Mage who performs worst in all categories.

https:// imgur. com/a/z8xoJp4

https:// imgur. com/a/SfiATDJ


5% fury is not nearly enough, and i don’t think that increased slam and MS damage will do that for arms either. For fury it should be at least 10% or even higher.

Also no nerfs for boomies and MMs feel kinda weird. WTF is this balance?
This tier is already so unfriendly for melees


Well done Blizzard you joke of a company, lets Buff the most stupidly OP class in the the game! Sort your game out you jokers


They’re buffing Assa, which is absolute trash now.

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Also no changes for Sub legendary? literraly deleting people in arenas during opener? Really this legendary is just a terrible design and should be scrapped. Just refund all rogues who crafted that one all mats used in the process.


Covenant balance is a complete mess. Hard to understand how Flayed Shot ended up being worse than AOE abilities for single target situations and it gets progressively worse once you add additional targets. Stuff dies very fast even in high level dungeons. After 10 minutes on a boss the result is pretty much even, except you can’t even compare the usefulness of the bleed + rng killshot to a high front-load burst in almost any PVE situation, especially when you line up all cooldowns and trinkets with it.



Remove legendries, covenants from PVP then fix the classes you joke of a company.


How are you not considering frost mage to be buffed ? Its terrible right now comparing to the other mage specs, are you planing on a frost mage buff? please do


In Nyalotha all patch fire mages broken with the freaking combustion, unholy start strong and nerf in less than a week of raid XD


If you nerf rogues and mage combust damage I might not get angry to you for turning mortal strike legendary to trash.

Do not make us go through 8.3 destro process once more, I am okay with losing as long as I get outplayed but let it not be damage tuning.

You seem more interested in PvP this time, don’t allow toxic classes to dominate arena. 8 out of 10 matches we match against rogues.


When we face against rogue-mage after killing rogue mage keeps fighting and I saw multiple times my healer could barely survive mage’s damage. Fire mage is strong, sleeper op :smirk:


ever since I unlocked beastwarrens and bought account wide upgrades to torghast I’m getting insane animas on all my toons.