Class Tuning Incoming -- 29 March

yay PvP is saved (still isn’t)!

better late than never as they say.

Lol @ Blizzard actively trying to kill what is left of Survival


How is Survival overperforming?


What is the point of Grimoire of Sacrifice If the dmg will be unchanged with a pet? Then it’s just a dead talent we somehow still need to take due too pathing. Also nerfing demonic strenght another 100%? Wasnt it allready nerfed by 300% in pvp?

Ret nerfs were needed but it came with stupid nerfs to classes that didnt need nerfs and also wait for reset, meaning rets still gonna ruin the weekend for pvp.

U just can’t have a W without a big L can you?


Update: Due to overwhelming feedback, the Retribution Paladin changes in the above notes are going to be pushed live shortly.


You guys don’t test anything before live? gsus…


Can we please nullify the rating gained from when patch went live to now? So that people undeserving of the 3k rating and glad mounts have them revoked please?


Glad to know you are nerfing hunters and frost DK in pve too so they can remain garbage.


It’s because too many people are crying. They need to gut the Spec as quickly as possible to stop the whining on the forums, especially on the US forums. Watch Ret go from S tier to D tier in a few minutes. At least the Ret mains who got their revenge on the rest of the player base before this happens.

Edit: GGs my Ret brothers, time to reroll. Let's dust off the old Warriors and DHs, so that we can keep PvP'ing because it ain't gonna happen on Ret after this nerf hits.


Do not try to tell people that a spec increasing in popularity by 400% since Wednesday, so I guess in 3 days, is normal or reasonable. But hey, if you FotM rerollers want to swap again, go right ahead. I hope Blizzard nerfs whatever you switch to again and again and again forever until you settle on something and learn it.


Also make sure to push the hunters changes live asap to make sure you dump this class to garbage, where you like it to see


nerf demo lock

10% nerf to the only survival hunter ability that does damage, this is quite disheartening, hoping this has less impact than I’m expecting

Frost DK nerf? First time spec goes anything above F tier and gets insta nerf to make sure it stays in garbage tier.
Currently I almost see no frost death knights in higher keys and see we’re trying to make sure no one plays that spec.
Is tuning based on mythic raiders logs only? How that makes any sense?


Is this a typo? I saw 240k crits before patch, and it’s getting buffed even more?


Just say paladins cat be good in pvp and nerf 100% of everything. This few people plaing pally wil by upset but … next do nerfs for pve and than revert to 1.0.5


Did they release nerfs? Cccording to the news they will push nerfs Live shortly?

Developers’ notes: We’re targeting Demonology’s multi-target profile with these adjustments to bring them closer to other damage dealers. We will continue to watch both single-target and multi-target performance, along with the output of new talents and adjustments delivered in 10.0.7, and make further adjustments down the road if needed.

Sry no Words for this, its just dumb, where are Demo WL Meta or domenating AOE? Ask DH`s Rog Shadow Boomie?


U give bm finaly something for us to get invited on M+ and now u take that from us im done if u really nerf again uninstall window. I dont play raid so i dont see why you put people who raid and people who not togheter on the same boat yes bm si good on st on raid but i dont play raid and? PLEASE DONT FK OUR CONTENT ON KEYS BECAUSE OF THE RAID !

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