Classic Consequences


So, classic is taking life and what about BFA? Classic will drain players off from BFA and this will actually kill the current expansion. Did developers of Blizzard think about it? Any solutions on stabilize the BFA population?


Classic will make old players who left BFA subbed, sure, some retail players will be playing classic for some time just to realise it’s not for them. Everyone is interested with classic experience. I don’t think retail players count will change that dramaticaly as most people claims.

All in all classic is not as good as people remember it :slight_smile: these social interactions they are talking about were from social community, not from game itself. Times changed, community changed, it won’t be the same experience anymore.


As it is apparently linked to your retail sub, it shouldn’t cause any dramatic issues. I still love all of my characters and I’m not going to stop playing them just because classic is there.


You have to be stupid to believe that :smirk:


So there won’t be any impacts on Calendar sign ups? The queues won’t be longer to join a Match? Just think bigger mr. Adamante :wink:

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I think lots of players will see value in their WoW subscription offering them more WoW.

When Classic WoW is released, then people will go and play that, because it’s new and exciting.

When patch 8.2.5 is released for Retail WoW, then people will go and play that, because it’s new and exciting.

When Classic WoW Phase 2 is released, then people will go and play that, because it’s new and exciting.

When patch 8.3 is released for Retail WoW, then people will go and play that, because it’s new and exciting.

And so on.

If Blizzard are smart – and they are – then they’ll overlap the content releases for Classic and Retail, so players will basically ping-pong between them, always having something new being released in Classic or Retail WoW. And ultimately that’s preferable to now where people simply unsubscribe if there’s nothing new being released for Retail.


Delusional disorder is a serious condition.

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Classic and retail are two different kind of games. Classic will never kill retail and retail will never kill classic. Each has its own playerbase. Sure, for a day or two a huge amount of people will try out classic and there will be less player on retail than usual, but after that everything goes back to normal.

Classic WoW is a 15 year old game, there will be huge amount of players who won’t prefer to that BfA, even with its flaws.


Classic being there will allow people to see retail in different ‘lights’/perspectives.

Right now a lot of people feel burned out or bored and don’t appreciate the aspects that can be found in retail. With classic there, they will be able to have the best of both worlds and will be able to come to love both of them for their uniqueness ^^

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I’m going to be playing both for as far as that’s possible.

I still need to unlock my crab mount that’ll take daily logins for example :sweat_smile:


Oh sure people will flock to classic for the first couple of days.

Some will last a little longer but as soon as they’ll discover it’s nothing but retail stripped off features, with everything stretched out to just take long with nothing to do at the end of the “journey”, they’ll go back to retail just as fast.

As soon as a patch comes to retail, classic will be an empty town. Maybe not with 8.2.5, but definitely with 8.3.

“Kill the expansion”? Nah. Just a stupid talk :smile:


I fear that Classic will murder Retail when it hits, for the first few months, and thats enough to kill off a ton of Guilds and make a lot of people stop playing.

Instead of investing all those developers into retail and making it better, they opted to give up on retail in favour of a quick buck from classic.

Id prefer retail since even tho its a dog I dont know what to expect. Iv played vanilla, and the fact that I know what its going to be like I know as well it wont actually keep me around playing it, and once you fall behind in classic there is not much reason to keep going since gearing up takes a lot of time and there are 100% no catch up mechanics.

Yes, people will keep playing, but due to the constant swapping no one will be invested into anything and after playing 1 to max 2 months insane amounts of people will drop off leaving both retail and classic barren.

Get people excited about loot, about having a main character and having pride in him/her. Looking at someone having something cool and powerful and you wanting it too is the prime reason why WoW was so gr8 once.

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BfA has already been put to the test, and it sucks.
It’s no fault of Classic’s.


BFA should have at the very least 3M subs worldwide, and that’s the lowest estimation from a few months ago obtained through machine learning.

A redditor estimated the worldwide classic long term playerbase cap to 600k based on the vanilla server cap and the number of classic servers open for launch.

This is no WoW Killer right now, unless they greatly increase the number of servers (at least +300% if the estimation is on point) to at least match BFA long term playerbase.

Only Time will tell but right now we’re looking at less than 20% of the BFA playerbase. Ain’t worth worrying about it right now


While i do think classic will be outnumbering retail for many months possible years.
I think that has blizzard learned from the bfa debacle retail will slowly regain its lost players as classic gets stale and retail wil have new stuff.

Right now however i think there will be a year of very lower player count for retail as classic is still new and interesting for people.
It will take time but i do think retail will surpass classic.
It is more a mather of when.

Ofcourse if blizzard doesnt learn from the bfa debacle.
Then retail will be on life support in the next 2 years.


honestly bfa was already dead

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People will come back for 8.3.


Can’t wait to see if classic even hits 600k views on twitch

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Why do we care about how twitch is doing? :thinking:

And what about Mixer? There’s 225 people streaming WoW on Mixer right now! That’s 225 that could be streaming on twitch! :crazy_face:

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Yawn…nobody knows what is going to happen, but seeing as you need a sub for BfA to play Classic, can’t see it dying too quickly.