Classic Content Plan

Me too…Im so happy :smiley:


Thank you for this, Blizzard. It’s getting better and better!


Thanks for the update, I think you’ve made a lot of happy Classic players with this :wink:

Also who says Blizz never listens :laughing:

Whilst you are listening, any chance of a thousand Gold at launch to help me balance my servers economy :thinking:


Sure, but so no-one suspects anything, I’ve hidden very small amounts of the sum requested on various humanoid mobs around the world. Loot enough of them and eventually you’ll amass all the requested gold. :wink:


Amazing news, especially happy there won’t be world bosses and Dire Maul at launch. Thanks a lot for listening, now all we need is no sharding and loot trading and it will be pretty much perfect!


This is good news!

But how about after naxx?
I don’t want to invest the time if BC/Wrath gets rolled out later on.


Doing a silly happy dance… realy i am !!


If Blizzard are smart they’ll keep Vanilla servers up and running and allow players to copy over characters to Burning Crusade servers. That way people can continue to enjoy an exclusively Vanilla experience as long as they want and people who prefer Burning Crusade/Wrath can continue to progress with their beloved Classic characters, with the option to go back to Classic servers any time they want.


What about mounts? Will it be just like it was? As you have to buy the mount for 100g and then the training for 10g?

Hmm not quite what I was after but fairs, fair I guess :grinning:

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Probably not needed, they can do this server side with database queries, changing drop tables, adding or changing items, or unlocking instances can all be done in the database. If they are making item changes over time, the only client side change needed is to delete the item cache.

This is really good, I wasn’t expecting the devs to do this but I think if anything this definitely proves they know what they are doing. Thanks so much for the update.


Did you thought of having a release day for Onyxia and Molten core during phase one? Like for example two months after Classic launches instead of availability since day one? (to have more sane player progression instead of diehard attempts to get into the raid ASAP).


Absolutely amazing news! Keep up the good work <3

well good to have some news finally

i don’t really have much to say on this, i dont disagree or agree, it is what it is.

makes sense to me, we’ll see how it plays out

Thanks for the update. I know a lot of oldies like me where hoping very much for this type of progressive content :slight_smile:


No need to try to delay the madmen.
Besides it’s going to be funny to see them rushing if there is a guild of them on the server I roll.

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It could be interesting to watch, see some myths crumble, but on the other hand when you play the game and you also want to take part of that content progression - there is the extra pressure and time spent daily is a major factor.

I was on a fresh server that did have a MC/Ony release date and many people got time to level to 60 and prepare for the raids - and the preparation period was an insanely amazing experience. Not only that I was preparing with the guild, like helping main tanks and other get gear in various mass-runs but also with other people running various instances, doing end game elite quests and so forth - where people know each other by name and actually interact with each other. Plus when you enter like Orgrimmar and you see the whole city like it’s day before XMass and everyone is shopping, doing stuff. A line of service providers around AH entrance, a line of customers, people shouting advertisements or seeking service etc… Something not present today :wink: And that day and hour when all people gather around BRM.


classic dev team is the best, only true fans of making games that are left in blizzard, keep at it, youre true gems in here


This looks really good. PvP details still missing which is significant but it definitely looks like they have the right attitude towards Classic progression.

Also I like that Onyxia and MC are available right away. It gives a motivation to speed level and also adds the potential to have a crazy race right away. The vast majority will still level slowly so I don’t think you will be left out of anything if you don’t want to rush.

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