Classic Content Unlocking in December

Finally! Thank you. Let the farming begin 10th of december then. Can’t wait to get pvp available for Alliance as well.


guess i’ll enjoy wpvp while it lasts


Why BWL so early?


I knew it!

I think that’s good news. A few more weeks of PvP madness for everyone to give it a try followed by battlegrounds to allow people in a tough spot to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Really looking forward to WSG and AV.

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thats what im doing myself atm. Sitting in city not going out cause i gat jumped and raped in second.


so bringing out bgs? but no paid transfers GG…not


I don´t mind really. I don´t have time for farming so I will never be a hardcore player. So once I hit 60 and completed most quests for gold, I don´t really see why I would go out except for going to dungeon or raid. I better start leveling an alt. And many people will do, so I would not be worried about empty world that much.

Try solo play pvp as prot warrior and say same thing

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Thank you Blizzard, world pvp is fun but painful, we can enjoy it for a while but a month of this massacre is quite enough

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“Early 2020” doesn’t really mean much, but when would you want it released? Spring? No new raids since release would drive people crazy.

Around 1/3
Just like old times, keep the same time

At this rate, I’m assuming Naxx will release in 4 months…


Praise in 10 characters

Thank you blizzard :heart_eyes:


I don’t think you can set the same pace and keep the same amount of interest. Content is too well known and people will go through it much faster.

Besides, even people who might want to start leveling up now should be able to get to 60 and gear up reasonably well by January without any hurry.

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Good decision, thank you!


Where are the peps who were crying out loud that Phases needs to come way late, like … after 6 months. Some even wanted 1 year in between Phases.

Nothing to say now? All good since you suck in wPvP and yet you decided to roll on a PvP server, hm?

Nevertheless, BG’s will not kill wPvP. Hordes will still lurk out there, while waiting to get in BG’s, since their que’s will be longer.

Still want to see sweet tears in this forums, so hope all is good, even with BG’s!


Blizz is rushing classic. Do they really expect i play retail after?


Great news, and a good decision! Adding BGs will hurt noone and will help a lot of people enjoy the game more. Fantastic to see the Blizzard is actually listening to the community. :+1::blush: