Classic era character clone request

Hello everyone,

I’m a longtime WoW player (bought the game back in 2005). Naturally, I played classic when it came out, but could only continue playing until the AQ patch.
My problem is that I missed the boat on character cloning so I’m stuck with my characters on WOTLK servers (where I don’t intend to play them). I’ve opened a few GM tickets, but the GM’s response was to explain that they lack the option to do so.
While I understand this issue was explained back then and a clear time limit to clone your character was given, I can’t help but feel sad knowing I can’t play my sweetass lvl 60 bald gnome warlock and to wonder if there is a solution to manually reconstruct my character from the logs or do it by giving the gear and the contents of it’s inventory to a new character made on an Era server from the Firemaw group.
Please help out an OG vanilla player who would very much like to continue playing wow and be a subscriber to Blizzard games.
Starting a new “dynasty” on Era would require too much of a time investment I can’t afford. I would very much like to do a raid now and then on my warlock.

  1. There is a tonn of Clone service return copium threads, why make another one?

  2. Clones are gone. Your character is on TBC that progressed to Wrath.

  3. If you really like Classic so much level a new character. Era won’t suddenly disappear in the foreseeable future. Even better you can try leveling once HC realms would be up and if you fail, you can transfer ghost of that character to Era and ressurect there.


You can’t return your char on vanilla. Just can’t .
Play wrath or create new in vanilla. No pleads or tickets will help. Cloning in just gone

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As you’ve heard from GM’s, they lack any options to do so if the devs wanted it they would just have kept the option as is or created them. Logs are not kept indefinitely, but in your case they simply exist on the Wrath progression realm and they don’t do transfers to lower expansions.

Please post to the megathread with any feedback you may have:

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Please instead of make new topics, keep alive this one:


I posted there as well. Here’s hoping they bring it back

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Attention. There are hundreds of returning, money paying players that got treated like crap and deserve a chance to make the decision to keep playing classic, reconnect with their friends, guilds, raids, etc.

Nobody cares about anything that is going on in Wotlk. We demand to have our original characters back where they always belonged. We don’t care where they “progressed to”. We only want our wrongfully DELETED characters back.

Yeah sure, just simply farm back legendary Items like Sulfuras and Thunderfury, 10+ PVP Rank titles, the friendship, connections, raid spots, thousands of classic wow gold. Oh and level them all to 60 again, of course.

This isn’t a supid highscore, man.

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It’s gone, accept it.


The purpose of these threads is opposition, accept it.

And exactly are you going to achieve?

The Whine effect, I believe.

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Buzz. I’m not the only one affected. My now “wotlk” characters are basically “sleeping” as well because I have not made a decision to rename them and I don’t assume they will just get deleted after 14 Months. The whole argument has no ground, especially in 2023 and needs to be addressed and handled much better.

You are correct, they weren’t deleted.
They are where you left them because you didn’t move them in the 18 months window you had.


You also got it wrong.

First, Wotlk characters cannot be “moved” to classic. However, they moved my original classic characters from a german classic server an english wotlk server, which is also just crazy.

Then they set up the classic clones because they did not want to abandon the classic game mode on clones of the original classic servers and even kept the original server names if I didn’t miss anything.

Finally, they provided a limited timeframe to keep those classic toons, for money, of course. And then they deleted my classic characters because I did not know I had to do that in order to not lose months of playtime on the classic game mode, which they chose to continue to support, without wotlk.

Clarification: The limited timeframe was about 14 months if I take a look at the announcement, you may also choose then to keep your Classic toons… For free if you opted only for one version at that time. Choosing both did require a paid version.

Edit: No toons were deleted but only progressed with the realms when they were updated to match the expansion then as otherwise claimed, the toons were found to be at the destination Wrath realm as expected.

I wouldn’t bother if I was you, they are right and everyone else is wrong and nothing anyone says will convince them of anything else. Even irrefutable evidence.

I really wish Blizzard would come alone and say non-diplomatically, it’s not coming back, none of that CS speak just plain and clear.

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I know that. Again, I’m highly aware what happened and what “rules” Blizzard came up with - as well as from the technical pov, too.

I also don’t mind paying money for any additional toons, because I would have gotten something extra in return, which would be to start playing wotlk, additionaly.

But having my classic toons deleted after the timeframe is something I feel free to protest - together with a few hundred other folks who slowly pour back after a break.

There is just no reason to delete any progress from an existing game mode (Live - World of Warcraft Classic), which was there from the very beginning and still is to this day, no matter how blizzard managed the technical pov internally.

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The data was duplicated on both Era and Wrath and since the service was gone they no longer had any need for the data so they securely deleted it.

Tell me something, is restarting a PC the same as shutting it down and starting it up again?

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I’m pretty sure they could still just fire up the service and let us restore the classic toons. I have 15 years of experience with databases and there are so many different layers to “delete”, you would be surprised.

Depends on the operating system. Windows handles restarts differently than shutting it down before. Also, I’m pretty sure my original classic toon clones were not stored in RAM.

I have quite a bit of experience too and when the data is no longer needed or removed then it has to be shredded, according to the law anyway. Also it’s not a full account just some data attached to it.

I think that the data is gone as otherwise they wouldn’t use the phrase “Permanently deleted”

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