Return the Clone Service MEGATHREAD

A few weeks ago a player had submitted a ticket inquiring if the clone service would be coming back. He posted the reply on the forums. A GM replied and said that if there were enough interest amd demand we could possibly see it return.

This is your space to make it happen. Everyone, including long time era players should be thrilled to see the reinvigoration of era!

Be loud and be vocal. END GAME IS VERY ALIVE! Every night there are MC, Ony, BWL, Naxx, and AQ raids going on. What’s holding most people back is the leveling experience even though it is absolutely thriving with players doing quests and dungeons, some people just loved that raiding they did at 60!

So, lets use this thread to make our wishes known!

Bring back the era clone service!!!


why dont they return any of the post in here or in US forums. if it is impossible they can say we cant and thats it. if it is doable they can say we are looking for it. why no post…

i think they will bring it with 10.1 patch ( with HC servers ) maybe…

i hope so they bring it back


Write as many “megathreads” as you wish. Blizzard will only bring clones if they decide. And if they do, they’ll announce it.


The first time I returned to WoW, when the Classic preTBC servers were announced. That was a great time. And now, after a long break (i quit after TBC expantion), when population of preTBC servers is growing, all my characters disappear! I dont want to play WoTLK. You “deleted” all my classic experience, all the time and all effort, that i put into my characters. Give us a choise - let us play with friends with old characters, or people (like me), will just quit WoW again…


They gave you a choice - during TBC.

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The preTBC servers you see today are not the same servers you played on in 2019.

They are NEW servers that were created when the original servers transitioned to TBC.
These new servers had no characters on them at all. Then, Blizzard offered players the option to clone their old, pre-TBC characters onto these new servers.

Your characters did not disappear from the pre-TBC servers you see today, they never were on them in the firstplace, because you did not clone them.


The character data is goneDeleted.

The characters that moved to TBCC does not have any data on classicera anymore


I made the same ticket and got and unequivocal reply that it’s not coming back. And that’s not what the reddit post actually said. You are reading between the lines.

Okay, the Character Clone service has been retired. All clones that were not activated before July 26, 2022 were deleted. Customer Service cannot restore deleted clones or transfer active clones to different game versions.

If you had a WoW Classic character and you never chose to activate it in either WoW Classic or Burning Crusade Classic, then the Burning Crusade Classic (now Wrath of the Lich King Classic) version of your character has automatically been activated and will be available for play.

Names can be used again once the Clone has been deleted.

Which is a quote from here.

The Classic Era version of the character will be permanently deleted and unavailable for cloning.

Which is from here.

This is the relevant part of the image.

btw, they are talking about the US forums not the EU ones.


Stop trying to make it appear like everyone wants you to get your characters back, you manipulating worms.

You folks have proven in your countless threads that you are completely incapable of dealing with your own decision not to clone, and you know full well that you were aware about the service.

You CHOSE the expansions even though they killed the game back in 2006, the moment tbc came out. You have no foresight and now that your streamers point back to Era, throw temper tantrums on this forum.

Im thrilled to hear that you wont get your characters back.

Youre guilt tripping and sympathy baiting manipulators with no foresight. Era is booming without your characters, and you will play the game one way or another regardless.


Hey man, are you dealing with a mental illness you need checked out? Cause first you’re making crybaby threads on Eu and US forums about boosting, then you come here having a trigger attack on a legitimate method of people getting their 60s.

I’m pretty certain by this point, that you are just selfish and have a “this is mine” mentality and the more people on Era you feel invaded like you’re losing something personal. My suggestion to you is try some of the low population realms, because you seem to be getting more and more angry the higher the population count grows on Era, i have watched and seen your posts and boy oh boy are they escalating in terms of verbiage and rage.


There was. Its called the cloning service which you chose to ignore while available.

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Man i think you should go touch some grass cause its frightening how upset you’re getting about the reinvigoration of Era.


Why are you insulting people with a different view to yours?

Look at my post above and you will see it’s not coming back, the data is gone. If you have a Blizzard post saying it’s not then please share it.

Soon, I will hit 50 again, but I don’t mind having two identical priests in Era - if the 60lvl version stuck in WoTLK returns to Vanilla. :smiley:

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And what is the point of raiding if you return your naxx geared clones?


Like 4 vocal players don’t want clones returned but thousands of others do. All I’m asking for is blizzard to post here or the US forums and tell us it won’t or can’t happen and then I’ll accept it. Upright, Dottie, literally no one cares what you say. You aren’t changing anyone’s mind because as much as you want to pretend that you know what’s going on you’re actually just as clueless as the rest of us


Because he started his reply with this quote “Stop trying to make it appear like everyone wants you to get your characters back, you manipulating worms.”

And if you follow his threads on the US and Eu forums youll see he’s a pretty aggressive person


Ah more manipulation. Nice. Thats definitely how you get your will.

And your proof of that is…?

You mean like the proof I have ALREADY posted from Blizzard saying it can’t come back?

Really? It seems like you and those others won’t accept the proof that it’s gone and isn’t coming back.


What we have are 2 different GMs giving 2 different answers when asked about the cloning service.
Your response to the GM who said it was possible was that “GMs are not devs and don’t know what they’re talking about.”

So by your own logic the GM who said it’s not possible to bring cloning back also doesn’t know what he talking about.

But I digress, blizzard can come out once and for all and post here and tell us to give it up. They could end speculation from both sides but for whatever reason they are remaining quiet.

As I said before, you’re not actually aware of what’s going on either no matter how much you pretend to be in the know