Classic feels extremely sluggish to me

After two weeks of classic I still can’t get used to how slugish everything feels. I am not even talking about pvp. Did not have many encounters yet.
Some examples:

  • Optical delay of loot windows. When looting you can just shift click and keep running. The loot window will lag behind what feels like half a second, you will receive the loot though…
  • Healing. When healing myself or other players there seems to be always this slight delay between finishing the cast and the actual hp bar going up. This is especially visable in tight situations. You never know if you live or die.
  • mob tagging. Also mob tagging feels horribly inconsistant. When i use moonfire on a mob someone else is trying to tag there is always this delay in the hp bar turning grey or staying red. You never know instantly. You always have to wait like a half second.

Am I the only one experiencing this? Is this the famous spell batching everyone wanted to have? If yes Blizzard horribly overdid this. I hope they either lower the spell batching window to like half of what it is right now or remove it all together. This just makes everything you do feeling worse… I hope we can get a blue post about this. I know #nochanges , but this just feels wrong. Not the authentic experience i hoped for.

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Some is from spellbatching.

Spellbatching and melee leeway needs to go away ASAP.

I can confirm all of the things you’re saying. I don’t know what is causing them, but this was DEFINITELY not part of vanilla and is by far what infuriates me the most in Classic right now.

  • This optical delay is not just optical. I’ve been leveling with my gf most of the time and no matter if we’re using Group Loot or FFA we very often get a “Someone else is looting that corpse” bug, with the corpse being lootable but unable to be looted.
  • The other day I was tanking WC with my brother healing me, both of us on Discord. I approach low HP and he approaches enough mana for a heal. He starts casting a heal, the heal goes off, I die (with the green animation of Healing Wave washing over my now-dead body). He goes “wtf” on Discord and checks his Combat Log. Apparently, the game decided to “give him back” the mana he spent on the heal, seeing as the heal didn’t actually happen.
  • Two days ago I’m killing murlocs for a quest and had my murloc at half HP or so. Then a fireball flies in and suddenly the mob got “greyed out” and ran straight to the mage.

Blizzard, fix your game. Right now it acts worse than a stock MaNGOS server.

PS. Also this^ Melee leeway in Classic is just total BS. Why should I even bother slowing a mob when it can run just fine and melee me for maybe 8-10 seconds with a 50% slow.

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Thank god i am not the only one.
I think the combination of this huge batching window + the melee leeway makes it so bad. If they start kowering the batching first, since it affects everything, we might see some improvements in the leeway behaviour as well.

Get rid of spell batching, artificial lag is stupid

It’s not 2004 anymore, the internet is faster, get used to it


Yes. It took some getting used to, especially the healing. Healing casts are already long enough, without the added delay after they’re cast. I don’t like it and can’t see the point.

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